Best Day Trips from Tokyo

Best Day Trips from Tokyo

Best Day Trips from Tokyo

On the north western shore of the Tokyo Bay is situated largest city of Japan, Tokyo. Popular among tourists for its glittery and charming nightlife, this city caters to almost every need of the modern day tourist. From tall skyscrapers to eventful themed bars, it offers a whole world on the plate.

However, this city of glamour falls short in terms of natural beauty, thanks to the concrete jungles everywhere. Moreover, for a low budget traveller the city of Tokyo might be a little too extravagant and fancy. But don’t worry! You don’t need to go far away to seek the lap of Mother Nature. There are many places around the city itself where one can enjoy the calm and serene sights: -

1. Kanagawa Prefecture

Located at a meagre distance of 40 kilometres is the Kanagawa Prefecture, residing in the volcanically active region of Fuji-Hakone-Isuzu National Park. The best part about it is its proximity to Tokyo thereby making it an easy place to visit. Featuring the empowering Mt. Fuji which is a popular heritage site and considered sacred among the Japanese, it is the tallest mountain in Japan, so has the perk of having an insanely huge fan following. Being a volcanic area, it enjoys the privilege of hosting hot water springs and geysers. Cable cars run to Owakudani, where “black eggs” are a popular serving. Other places for travel junkies include the shrines of Kamakura. Up for a swim? You may go hit the Enoshima beach which is apopular surfing spot as well. In order to reach Kanagawa, one may take the Wangachuan expressway. To have a subway experience, board from Shinjuku, both the modes taking about half an hour to reach.

2. Saitama Prefecture

Located at 26 kilometres distance from Tokyo is Saitama, a beautiful cluster of small cities that offers crazy stuff in terms of heritage and fun. The spring season of Hitsujiyama Park characterized by pink moss is eye candy, although most of the former buildings of Kawagoe have eradicated, but Honmaru Goten is still alive. The magnificent construction of the clay walled buildings of the Warehouse District are worth appreciation. A fun fact- Gohyaku Rakan statues of Lord Buddha are known to have 500 facial expressions of their own! A 30 minute car ride along the main expressway will get you to your destination. Trains too keep running in succession from Shinjuku and Tochomae stations.

3. Tochigi Prefecture

Located in the Kanto region, this prefecture encompasses the most dominant aura of Japan. The Nikko National Park plays a major part in preserving the biodiversity of Japan with the black bear and Japanese macaques being the key attractions. Up for a lava filled journey? You may visit Mt. Nantai and the beautiful lake Chuzengi. And after that, sit beside the 97-metre-high Kegon Falls and listen to the sound of flowing water tickling their ear drums, it’s peaceful to the next level! The western part of Tochigi, encircles the city of Nikko which pays homage to Tosho-gu, a shrine made of gold. In order to reach Tochigi, the longer route via road is much more picturesque rather than train. Road travellers can travel via Northeast Auto Lane while subways can be boarded from Shinjuku.

4. Gunma Prefecture

A bit far from Tokyo, the Gunma Perfecture can be reached in no time if you take a bullet train. The Natural hot water springs here are known to contain many skin healing properties. And if you believe in luck, then you would definitely like to buy the “lucky charm” dolls or Daruma. The Lockheart castle is a tourist destination due to the history surrounding it. Known to have been originally built in Scotland, this castle got transported to Japan by a Japanese actor who bought it and turned it into a museum. It is about a 2 hour drive from Tokyo. You might take a train to the Numata station and from there a bus or even a taxi.

All in all, the city of Tokyo has many hidden treasures which need exploration to understand the real beauty of the world.

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