Best Day trips from Tel Aviv

Best Day trips from Tel Aviv

Best Day trips from Tel Aviv

The second largest city in Israel, Tel Aviv is arguably the liveliest and most fun civic in the region, successfully able to microcosm the essence of Israel. Boasting one of the most popular nightlife scenes, whether you have been planning to visit the city for about a day or a week, this is one place that will always be an unforgettable experience. Nicknamed as the "‘Mediterranean Capital of Cool" by the New York Times, this region gives you a unique pulse throughout the day, giving you the perfect combination of the beautiful Mediterranean beaches with the posh class nightlife, a brimming cultural scenery, amazing gastronomical collection, UNESCO recognized architecture and most importantly the vast international outlook. From the Israel National trail to the beautiful Jaffa port, this is one place that would give you so much to witness that you wouldn't want to leave!

But if you count yourself one of the people who like to push the boundaries and explore beyond the peripheries, there is a lot to explore beyond the walls of this city, this is the list for you. Read along to find the best day trips from Tel Aviv:

1. Jerusalem

A spiritual lightening road, Jerusalem is counted as one of the most sacred places for Jews, Christians and Muslims. The place flooded with pilgrims, this walled city gives you a better chance to witness the faith at a level that not many places can provide. With the sound of the church bells, along with the Islamic calls of prayer and the shofar electrifying the environment and the air fragrant with the beguiling aromas of incense, candle smoke and of course coffee, Jerusalem is one of its kind place that would make an excellent day trip from Tel Aviv. Though, it is obvious that the Muslims, Christians and Jews add the spice, however, the main essence of Jerusalem is from millennia of bloody sieges and transfer of power from hands, which left the place in deep wounds, healing only by the diversity. The best way to travel is to hop onto a 405 or 480 bus, taking you a mere time of an hour. Another option could be to hire a cab to drive your way down taking you about 1h 15mins to cover this 70 km distance.

2. Haifa

The neighbourhoods in the Haifa region form an intriguing kaleidoscope; complete with its teeming Arab-Christian quarter, intelligent German Colony and of course the edgy Masada St., each having their own place in the equation. The most celebrated sight in Haifa is the Baha'i shrine, looking down to the people in the roaring traffic and is surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens. If you look down the flanks of the Mt Carmel, you get to witness the gardens bestowing you with a radiant symmetry in this complex city. Some of the major points of interest in the region include Shrine of the Báb, Mount Carmel National Perk, Bahá'í World Centre, Israel National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space, Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum and Hecht Museum. One of the best ways to travel in the region include the bus, taking a total road time of 1h 10min will give you the best chance to witness the region. Another option would be to take a car and drive the road taking a total of an hour of travel time.

3. Zichron Ya’akov

Characterized by its charming cafes and boutique artistic stores, Zichron Ya’akov is one of the smallest, most beautiful tranquil towns we read in the novels about. Sitting in the northern end of Israel just before Haifa, it was founded by 100 Romanian Jewish pioneers in the year of 1882, earmarked as one of the first 'modern' settlements in the Israelian region. For people who find themselves to be in love with the history, the most interesting place to be is the 'First Aliyah Museum', telling you through a series of pictures the fascinating story of the town's founders. Also a paradise for wine lovers, this is one place that is known for its wine, especially the one drawn from the Carmel Winery. A district that is easy to fall in love with, Zichron Ya’akov is also a place that makes an excellent day trip from Tel Aviv. The best way to travel is through a train taking you about an hour. Other options include driving a car taking 45-50 minutes and a bus taking 1h 30 minutes.

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