Best day Trips from Tbilisi

Best day Trips from Tbilisi

Best day Trips from Tbilisi

Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, lies in between the mountains and rivers, and has several ancient towns for tourists to gawk at. This largest city of Georgia provides you the mystical chills with its environment and interior. The sprawling city of Tbilisi has a lot in it to offer like statues, fortresses, museums, and gardens. Also in addition to this, the places around the vicinity of Tbilisi won't stop amazing you either. Here is the long list of places that you must visit along with Tbilisi:

1. Mtskheta- Gori- Uplistsikhe route

The UNESCO world heritage site and former Georgia's capital, Mtskheta is small but popular town housing the famous Jvari Monastery and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. Along with the visit to Mtskheta, you can go further along the road to visit Gori which offers a different landscape of lush green plains. The main reasons for this trip are to explore the old cave city of Uplistsikhe and to visit the Joseph Stalin's birthplace. Apart from the museum, the place has a lot of things in the name of Joseph Stalin! Uplistsikhe though once fully functioning cave-town, now offers some fascinating chambers and grottoes cut into the mountains. Marshrutkas, the minivans from Tbilisi Didube, leave frequently for Mtskheta and continuing to Gori. Also, till Gori via Mtskheta, you can hire or rent a taxi, or even opt for the train to drop you there. From Gori, you can hire a taxi to leave for Uplistsikhe. The whole journey will take minimum 2 hours to wrap up.

2. Akhaltsikhe- Borjomi route

Famous for its balneological and spring water resorts and coniferous forests, best things to do here in Borjomi are stroll around the central park, Cultural Heritage Monument Firuz, Romanov and Petre fortress, and Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park. The place forms a great base to visit one of the best-known fortresses, Rabati fortress in Akhaltsikhe. The time of construction of the Rabati Fortress isn't specific but it is well blended with many cultures and religions. Regular Marshrutkas depart from Didube station in Tbilisi to Borjomi or you can hire a taxi for the journey of 3 hours.

3. David Gareja

6th century Orthodox monastery complex, David Gareja Monastery makes the recommendable day trip from Tbilisi. Situated in the Kakheti region and trail via monastery that leads to the top view of Azerbaijan, the monastery has hundreds of chambers within it along the prayer rooms and living quarters. There is the steep trek which needs to be walked to get to the David Gareja and on the top resides a small chapel. You can visit the location by using the Gareji line's shuttle bus services which runs daily or else a direct taxi could be hired easily from Tbilisi. The journey to the start of the trek from Tbilisi takes around 2 hours.

4. Sighnaghi (Kakheti)

The cobbled street and the aroma of wine invite you to the little town of Sighnaghi in the heart of Georgia. Visiting cafes, museums or knocking at cellar doors or walking to the monasteries and lot more to do while in here! The place offers quite and soothing trip. The old city, town square and Bodbe Monastery along with the wineries are must places to visit. Also, stop at the Tsinandali nearby. The place has a huge and impressive Georgian family house which now is a museum holding past memories. To get to the Sighnaghi, you can take a taxi from Samgori. You have to travel for 1 hour and 50 minutes to go to Sighnaghi and another 10 minutes for Tsinandali.

5. Kazbegi

Kazbegi or Stepantsminda houses the Caucasus Mountains which offers the best hiking in Georgia. The Georgian military highway which connects Tbilisi to Kazbegi itself is worth an attraction, boasting the scenic views of countryside and mountains. The best-known attractions of the place are- Russia-Georgian friendship monument, Ananuri fortress for its stone cravings, 6th-century basilica, Sioni Cathedral of The Dormition, iconic Gergeti Trinity Church and Mount Kazbek. Being the popular destination there are many Marshrutkas leaving Tbilisi for Kazbegi from Didube station. Also, the options of shared or private taxis are available near the Didube station. To reach Kazbegi, you need 3 hours of traveling.

The list may end over here but the places to visit near Tbilisi don't! There are a lot many day trips which can be arranged from Tbilisi as a base to travel around Georgia. So, get ready for views because everything under the skies of Tbilisi looks beautiful!

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