Best Day Trips from Sydney

Best Day Trips from Sydney

Best Day Trips from Sydney

Calling it the oldest, biggest and the most beautiful of all Australian cities would be an understatement for Sydney. Snuggled amidst a seductive interfusion of land and sea, Sydney is one of the most precious gems in the crown of Australia. You can spend a whole day admiring the graceful arch of the Harbour Bridge, as you unwind the beauty of the glittering harbour on a ferry and the Opera House gleaming in sunshine. While walking through the narrow cobbled laneways and exploring the historic buildings of the rocks a week would pass by in a wink! However, to take a break and dawn the adventure spirit, here are some of the best day trips you can take from Sydney

1. Blue Mountains

The perfect natural escapade, the Blue Mountains are one of the most spectacular sights in Australia. A World Heritage region, the Blue Mountains get their name from the slate-coloured haze that comes from a fine mist of oil exuded by the huge eucalypts. Forming a dense canopy across the landscape of deep valleys spread over acres and the chiselled sandstone outcrops, these regions are flooded by tourists every season. Some of the major attractions in the region include the Three Sisters, Katoomba Scenic World, Leura Cascades picnic area and the Wentworth Falls. One of the best modes of transports for this commute is the train taking an average rail time of 2h 30mins. Another option is to drive down to the Blue Mountains in a little less than two hours.

2. Hunter Valley

Known for its 100 wineries, Hunter Valley is the largest grape-growing region in New South Wales. The perfect destination for a day trips from Sydney, the Lower Hunter is most celebrated for its Semillon while the Upper Hunter is prized for its aromatic wines like Rieslings. Also a visit to the Upper Hunter will provide you a chance to witness the largest horse breeding region in Australia. Cherry on the top is the sprinkle of tasty eateries, country pubs and shops selling arts and crafts all around the region. The most comfortable mode of transport is the trains taking around 3 hours of average rail time. Other options include train-bus taking 4h 15mins and cars taking 2 hours of average road time.

3. Central Coast

Just at an hour’s distance from Sydney, Central Coast is the perfect place for a short break from battling the crowd. Full of secret beaches and overlooked coves, it is a place providing you the opportunity for actual explorations. A paradise for the adrenaline junkies, it offers a plethora of outdoor activities including quad biking, horse riding and zip lining. After this, visit the Gosford Classic Car Museum to drool over the world's largest collection of cars. From beautiful coastline to golden beaches to alluring lakes and pristine National Parks, Central Coast is sure to rule your itinerary! The most preferred option by the tourists is to drive down to the place in an hour’s time. Or you may opt for the train, reaching your destination in a little less than two hours.

4. Southern Highlands

The perfect place for a romantic day out with your better half, Southern Highlands are replete with lush, cool climate, a wealth of historical attractions and impeccably posh lodging. One of the major attractions in the region includes the Morton National park, providing you with bewitching sights, beautiful waterfalls, cliffs, bushwalks and picnic and cycling opportunities, making it the kind of place that novels are based on. Another must visit spot is the Flower gardens in the town of Bowral, holding the most beautiful collection of flowers in the vicinity. Profuse with an extensive choice of restaurants in the major town, this is one of the places your trip can't be complete without. One of the most comfortable journeys can be observed in the train taking an average rail timing of 2 hours. The other, more more preferred option is to drive down to the place in 1h 30mins of road time, providing you an easy access to the places you have to explore further.

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