Best Day trips from St. Petersburg

Best Day Trips from St. Petersburg

Best Day trips from St. Petersburg

A city harbouring revolutionary spirit, the sheer grandeur and history of Russia's imperial capital never ceases to amaze the witnesses! Initially intended to play an exhibit to show the imperial Russia's growing status to the world today, St Petersburg still feels every bit of the imperial city with its historic heart largely frozen in time. Known as the Venice of the North, this place has a wide network of elegant canals crossing 342 bridges. Be it history or art, St. Petersburg is one city that pioneers in sobriety, possessing almost unrivalled treasure trove of art and culture. Finding yourself amidst the grandeur, leaving the city grounds would be the last thought on your mind. However, the true spirit of a traveller will urge you to explore beyond the boundaries of St. Petersburg. To curb that itch, here are some of the best day trips from St. Petersburg:

1. Pushkin

Formerly known to the world as Detskoe Selo (Children’s Village), Pushkin is an administrative district located about 27kms south of the city of St. Petersburg. Acting as the living proof of the extravagance of Russia's Imperial rulers, Pushkin can easily outshine the city of Versailles in terms of grandiosity and excess. The 18th century saw the construction of two vast and extremely spectacular palaces both circled by extensive manicured gardens and beautifully decorated architecture. The Catherine Palace built for Empress Elizabeth is truly one thing awing people for over two centuries. Located at a meagre distance of 27kms the fastest mode of transport will be the train taking less than half an hour. Other options include bus taking 1 hour and cars approximately half an hour.

2. Peterhof/Petergof

Embracing the Gulf of Finland, Peterhof is another town inheriting the stateliness earning it the title of 'Russian Versailles'. Remnants of Peter's strategies and constructions during the World War II, Peterhof suffered the worst damage a nation could think of. However, today finds the place with the buildings and palaces replenished in the most amazing way, surrounded by leafy gardens and a clutch of enchanting gravity-powered fountains at the periphery. Recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, this reconstructed glory is one you would not want to miss. Located at a distance of 49 kms, one of the fastest and most beautiful ways of travelling is to catch a ferry from St. Petersburg, taking you 30 minutes to reach Petergof. Other options include bus taking about an hour and cars taking quarter of an hour of road time.

3. Gatchina

If experiencing the beauty while skipping the crowd is what you want to do, the Gatchina is the place for you. Out of the clutches of the typical touristy tours, Gatchina can make a very pleasant day trip. This busy town, though brimming with activity and bustle, is surprisingly serene and pious in surroundings. Home to the famous Gatchina Great Palace, the early classicism style and the elements of the medieval is sure to blow your mind away. Some of the other attractions in the place include Gatchina Park, Birch House, Private Garden, Pavlovsk Cathedral and the Venus Pavilion. Located at a distance of 45 km from St. Petersburg, the most comfortable and time efficient journey can be taken through the rails taking a total time of 30 minutes. Other options include driving the way or hiring a cab both taking an average road time of 50 minutes.

4. Narva

Completely rebuilt after retaining the damage from World War II, Narva is a city dominated by authentic Soviet architecture. One of the most historically important towns, Narva is the epicentre of various museums and castles portraying the glorious past. Along with this, Narva is also a hub for concerts, annual festivals and open-air shows that usually are stages in both the inner yard of the Narva Castle and elsewhere around the town. Some of the attractions you wouldn't want to miss in the town include Narva Museum, Pimeaed, Narva Bastions and the Kreenholm area and Kreen Textile Factory. Located at a distance of 158 kms from St. Petersburg, the most time efficient option is to drive the way taking 2h 30mins of road time. Other options include trains taking 3h 30mins and buses taking about 3 hours.