Best Day trips from Stockholm

Best Day Trips from Stockholm

Best Day trips from Stockholm

Exuberant with islands, woodlands, lakes and coastal towns, the picturesque countryside of Stockholm serves as nirvana to the nature and architecture enthusiasts. Thanks to the excellent road, rail and ferry links, this is one of the most well connected cities offering you an opportunity to explore the environment around the place with huge index of attractions including ancient fairytale castles, spectacular waterways, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and medieval villages just awaiting your visit! Being a specific attraction for the people interested in islands thanks to its sprawling archipelago, Stockholm is all set with outskirts matching the beauty of the city, hence demanding a visit. So for a perfect Sweden holiday, here the index of the best day trips from Stockholm:

1. Drottningholm Palace

Located on the island of Lovö, Drottningholm Palace is graded as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Dating back to the 17th century and built for the Queen Elenora, the palace now houses the Swedish Royal Family. Exhibiting a beautiful park, terraces and avenues of lime trees and various bronze sculptures this is the perfect travel back to time to the times of war glory. Here, you can experience the royal life in full force at the Palace Theatre which is still in use for performances and has stage machinery dating back to the reign of Gustavus III. The Scenery and costumes from the period are out there for your exploration. Reaching the place is a cake walk,. You can choose between the bus, ferry and taxi ride that get you to the spot in less than an hour.

2. University City of Uppsala

An easy 70-kilometer from the north-west of Stockholm, the University City of Uppsala is famous as a medieval university city, boasting an amazing history and drawing visitors from across the globe. Some of the main attractions include magnificent 13th-century Cathedral and the University Museums, giving you deep insight into the history and culture of Uppsala. Once you are through with the time-travel part, relax in one of the many waterside parks and cafés. This is a full day trip adventure rendering a combination of an enlightening visit to the Viking historical sites with stops in Sigtuna and a guided tour of Old Uppsala. To reach the place you can take a Train, Bus or a beautiful drive along the way taking you about an hour. Especially for wheel enthusiasts, Uppsala is the ultimate spot for its scenic drives.

3. Historic Mariefred

A boat trip in Lake Mälaren to the breathtaking town of Mariefred is considered the ultimate source of relaxation for sea habitués. One of the main landmarks in the quaint town is a 17th-century hillside church. As you venture below that, you will come across the oldest part of ancient Mariefred, with authentic wooden houses running all the way down to the lake. If you are a collector of colloquial souvenirs from places you travel, this town will offer you a whole world to buy! Some of the other attractions in Mariefred include the Town Hall, the ruined church of Kärnbo and Gripsholm Castle dominating the majority of the landscape. There are three ways to reach the place. You can take a rail ride that gets you here in approximately an hour. A ferry ride would take about three hours, while for road trip bugs, an hour drive shall get you to the destination.

4. Gripsholm

Gripsholm is one destination that immerses you in a rollercoaster ride of four hundred years of Swedish history. Located right on the shores of the Lake Mälaren, the castle rises over the sea like one of those GoT episodes. You can spend your day wandering around the beautiful castle grounds and experiencing the nature in a way you never have before. One of the must-see sights in Swedish's State's collection of portraits, featuring famous Swedes, Gripsholm Castle is a must-visit destination for weekenders travelling in this region. You can reach Gripsholm by train that takes about one and a half hour. If you are time crunched, try taxi that would get you there in les than an hour.