Best Day trips from Skopje

Best Day Trips from Skopje

Best Day trips from Skopje

Counted among some of the most interesting places on the Earth, there is nothing in the land of Skopje that can be considered to be monotonous. With the passage of time over the years this central riverside area of the capital city of Macedonia has been hammered down to resemble to one of the picturesque depiction of the ancient civilizations we witness in the movies. This however is not surprising considering the historical wealth of the place. The city lying right at the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, the past of the city dates back to 2000 years prior to the present day. Today, however, witnesses this beautiful city as the tourist hub, complete with its cultural and historical monuments, fortress, archaeological sites, and caves in the canyon, sports halls and of course the Lake Matka. Steadily on its way to become a vital regional route for the international flight operators, this town is one of the most beautiful sights, thanks to the beautiful quay of the Macedonian river "Vadar", the narrow alleyways of its Old Bazaar; the biggest bazaar preserved in the Balkans and of course for being the birth ground of the famous Mother Teresa. Though, the list of adventures and stories in the region in Skopje is endless, there will come a time when the travel bug inside you will nudge you to go over the boundary. This is the time that you would want to explore the places beyond the periphery of this city. That is where this list will help you. Read through as we take you on a virtual tour of the best day trips from Skopje:

1. The Ancient City of Stobi

Located near the Gradsko region, this ancient city is no secret. Located right up on the highway, Stobi is one of the most beautiful encapsulations of the time frozen in one place. Located at the confluence of the rivers of Vardar and Crna, Stobi once held the position of the largest city of the northern part of the Roman province of Macedonia. Built in the Hellican era, this region is located right at the heart of Macedonia; at the crossover of the Aegean World and the Central Balkan. In fact, this is one of the places that have a calling for people, especially for the history enthusiasts and the photographers. Tracing its lineage from the early Roman period, it is blessed with a number of monuments from that region. Among this wealth, some of the most renowned include the famous Theatre and a generous sprinkle of sanctuaries along with a wide collection of archeological site which are easily accessible to the common man. To reach to this beauty, the best way is to find a bus to the city of Gradsko and take a trek of about 30 minutes to Stobi. Another way to find your way is to hire a cab or drive down to the location right up to the highway exit near Stobi, taking you a mere 5 minute before you can explore the town.

2. Ohrid

If there was only one word that could be successfully be used to define each and every aspect of Ohrid, it would be Mesmerizing. Counted as the Jewel in the crown that is Macedonia, Ohrid is sandwiched between the beautiful heights of mountains and the plain serenity of the Lake, assuring that along with historical the wealth in the place is also natural. Found as one of the earliest human settlements, the city centre and the old town is compact; enough to be explored on foot. Other than this, you will get to witness some of the most beautiful churches, monasteries and basilicas including St. Sophia Church, St. Bogorodica Perivlepta, St. John the Theologian- Kaneo church and the beautiful St. Pantelejmon. Some of the other must-see sights in the region include the Old Bazaar, Mesokastro Settlement, Kaneo Settlement, Ohrid Fortifications, Kong Samoil Fortress and the Antique Theater. Located at a distance of about 172 kms, one of the most affordable options of travel is to catch a bus taking you a total of 2.5- 3 hours of travel time. Another option is to drive down the way in 2h 45min.

3. Struga

Deriving its moniker from the ancient Greek word for eel, Echalon, Struga is often looked over by the tourists under the shadow of Ohrid. However, if you count yourself among the true tourists, Struga is one place that you simply cannot afford to miss. Though, the nearby Ohrid has always been the cultural and religious centre for the region, it was Struga that has always worked as the trading centre of the religion. Most guide books might argue that there isn’t much left in the region to witness in the place, but a simple walk down the lanes of the place can prove them wrong. Some of the must-see regions in the place include the Old Bazaar, St. George Church, Halveti Teke, Miladinovci House, Vangel Kodzoman Gallery and the Nikola Nezlobinski Nature Museum. The most economical way for this commute is to catch a shuttle to the place taking a total of 2h 30min of rail time. Other options include buses taking 2h 35-40min, taxi and cars taking 2h 34min and train + bus taking you about 3h 50mins.

4. Krusevo

The living museum of traditional architecture, cultural marvels and of course the legacy of the great 1903 Ilinden uprising, there isn’t much debate about the marvel of Krusevo. One of the most famous things in the region is the memory of the Macedonian artist Nikola Martinoski, preserved in a traditional open house portraying a huge collection of his paintings and drawings along with a plethora of other ethnological artifacts that successfully bring the 19th century Macedonia to life. One of the most economical ways to travel from Skopje to Krusevo is to catch a bus taking you a total of 2 hours of road time. Other options include driving down to the place or hiring a cab taking you a total of 2h 10min of road time.

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