Best Day Trips from Singapore

Best Day Trips from Singapore

Best Day Trips from Singapore

Singapore, the mansion of ethnic zones, Cultural World Heritage sites, cuisines, music and festivals never ages a day! Get ready with a bright smile and your selfie stick as Singapore Changi Airport takes you through a joyride in the World’s Best Airport with a swimming pool, Movie Theater, outdoor nature trail, hawker-style food stalls, sleeping areas, beauty and reflexology centers, children's play areas and massage chairs all around! From fifty meters tall solar powered man-made trees lighting up evening shows to historic displays, adventure parks, beaches and yacht clubs, Singapore is that bridge to another world. Jump into a taxi and you would never want to miss the artsy ‘banana split’, one of the world’s most expensive buildings and you won’t regret snapping pictures all this while. Above all, celebrations here are celebrations found nowhere. From Chinese New Year and Vesak Day to Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali, Hungry Ghost and mid-autumn festivals, Singaporeans are in love with feasts all days! And If you are into exploring what diversity other countries own in flavors, the good news is, internationally renowned French, Australian, British, American and Japanese restaurants ornate the Singapore streets wherever you go! Experience the various blends of spices these countries have to offer and forget fixing a menu for yourself!

Want to have your ‘me time’ in Singapore at the rooftop relaxing in a pool releasing all worldly negativity from the inside and inducing a syringe of positivity? If yes, then Singapore is the place for you. The view from Marina Bay Sands, the world’s highest rooftop pool is unparalleled! Vast street food zones, World’s freakiest theme park, Colonial architecture, movie-worthy rains where even fish gets a holiday at Nippon Koi Farm is what Singapore is all about! ‘The Lion City’, ‘The Garden City’, ‘The Asian Tiger’ and ‘The Little Red Dot’ are all amusingly innovative nicknames of Singapore. And the best part? Beaches of Malaysia and Thailand are just a hop away! So here are some of the handpicked weekend break destinations for Day Trips from Singapore:

1. Sugi Island

With gorgeous white beaches as far as your eyes can see and the freshwater infinity pool giving you a paradise-like feel, Sugi island is one of the top-notch destinations where you can have your time to break free your body and mind and lose in the tranquility of crystal clear waters. Take a boat ride and dive deep in the beauty of this island and get to explore more! The most preferred mode of transport among people is a small traditional boat from Sekupang Ferry Terminal, taking a total travelling time of around 3 hours.

2. Pulau Pangkil Kecil

Seems like a film set, feels like legendary, vibes like one and only! Pulau Pangkil Kecil makes you feel like you are in the middle of a paradise with water and adventure sports! If you ever said you would never want a day trip to a tropical island with your friends, Palau Pangkil Kecil will change your mind! A flawless set up like of one’s dream island, it offers you to use the indoor movie screens, kayaks, pools, bars and volleyball nets with no sharing, clumsy visitors or noisy children. Everything is totally yours! If you would love to spring up on food, luxury and travel, shake hands with Pulau Pangkil Kecil. Don’t you forget to take your picnic kits and fishing rods! Also, we are pretty sure you would love sailing, kayaking and snorkeling or possibly enjoying your personal movie screen. YAY! The most preferred mode of transport among people is a ferry, taking a total travelling time of a little less than 3 hours.

3. Pulau Babi Besar

If you have a group full of those introvert kinds, you would definitely prefer to lay lazy on a beach and drink cocktails over giving in for diving and sailing. Relatable? If yes, Pulau Babi Besar is definitely worth a thought! Much of an introvert island itself, it is hidden away from the popular water sports and crowd. If you feel like escaping from all your hurries and worries, Pulau Babi Besar is just a car ride away from Singapore. Technically recognized as a Marine Park, Besar is all about having a time to heal your soul and connections with your inner world. Additionally, a distinct set of activities at Pulau Babi Besar include island hopping and jungle trekking. Aren’t these enthralling? The most preferred mode of transport among people is a ferry, taking a total travelling time of 6.5 hours. Since this isle is a big big yes, you wouldn’t mind taking up an early ride; trust us you won’t regret it!

4. Rawa Island

Does your bucket list include resting on a hammock and reading a book while sipping in a cocktail? If yes, then Rawa Island is your genie! Not into vigorous sport activities, Rawa island indulges more in fun and adventure. With a massive jetty, water slides and volleyball courts, we make sure that we recreate your childhood moments with your favorite adventure fills! The most preferred mode of transport among people is the bus, taking a total travelling time of 3 hours. Another alternative is a ferry that will take you to the destination in 1 hour.

5. Tioman Island

If budget is the barrier, Tioman is the way! One of the most cost-effective ways to have a party or a weekend to shed your office burdens is a Tioman Island tour. Celebrate your precious days with hot showers, free breakfasts and air conditioning in line with your budget options. With crystal clear waters, snorkeling and making boat trips are musts. The most preferred mode of transport among people is the bus, taking a total travelling time of 3 hours. Another alternative is enjoying a ferry ride for reaching the island in half the time: 1.5 hours.

6. Pulau Dayang

If you are more of a daring individual who loves to take up adventures and risks, Pulau Dayang is probably your wrestling ring! No relaxing, no drinking cocktails, no resting on a hammock! Pulau Dayang is the place for an iconic scuba diving experience. Get to spend your days diving with Whale sharks among shipwrecks and step out of your comfort zone. Model destination for bringing out your adventurous side, Pulau Dayang manages to break through your vacation door! The best way to reach Dayang is through Dive shops in Singapore usually taking a 3 hours of travel time.

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