Best Day Trips from Sicily

Best Day Trips from Sicily

Best Day Trips from Sicily

Sicily being at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Sea, lures tourists to come and visit it. The trip is worthwhile because of the culinary taste of cuisines, calm beaches and soaring mountains, fabulous artistic and architectural cathedrals. The island stands on the ruins of Elymian, Roman, Phoenician, and Greek culture, buried ages ago.

Being the capital of Sicily, tourists prefer to take the province of Palermo as a focal point to roam all over Sicily. The place offers everything from black-sand beaches, skiing on the volcanoes, satisfying your appetite to mummified citizens! So, just get started as there is a lot to travel in the best day trips from Sicily:

1. Catania

Having Mount Etna in the rare view, the ornate city of Catania is a hometown to foodies. Also, the place contains some historic surprises for its visitors and is lively enough for having a gala time. Packed with shimmering bars and rocking energy, Catania is a total contrast of Palermo. The town homes Palazzo Tezzano which is one of the UNESCO listed wonder. Standing on the ruins of the long-destroyed city, Catania is a wonderful city for shoppers due to the presence of La Pescheria market. Do taste pasta Allanorma, the iconic dish of Sicily! The journey time between Sicily and Catania is 2 hours and 30minutes and can easily be covered via bus, drive or train.

2. Trapani

Stuck in between two seas and laid down on the foothills of Mount Erice, Trapani is the best day trip from the centre of Sicily. The town contains the prints of history on its architecture, arts, and civilization. Chiesa del Purgatorio church, depicting the passion of Christ is worth exploring for its mysteries and so does the Museo Pepoli for its arts. Other fascinating places to visit are The Old Town, Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, Sant'Agostino, Santuariodell'Annunziata, and the list never ends! But while roaming, don't forget to take a bottle of wine with you for which Trapani is famous! It takes around 1 hour 10 mins to take a car and reach Trapani from Sicily's capital Palermo. Other options available for the journey are train and bus.

3. Agrigento

Built on ruins, Agrigento is one of the Sicily's oldest city, with a story well told by the Valley of Temples within it. Agrigento truly justifies its name on the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. The elegant roads and splendid villas attract tourists from all over! The best sights of Agrigento are- gothic styled San Gerlando Cathedral; Abbazia di Santo Spirito; and Santa Maria deiGreci church. So while here, stroll along the path of Viale Della Vittoria, refurbish your knowledge by visiting the museums, watch the serene views of the mountain and sea meeting on the beach and to do list goes on and on! You can reach the province of Agrigento from Palermo in minimum 2 hours via taxi, car, bus or train.

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