Best Day Trips from Shillong

Best Day Trips from Shillong

Best Day Trips from Shillong

Hopping through the abode of clouds, Shillong justifies being the capital of Meghalaya. The place is beyond beautiful with its scenic views and historical sights. Take the pleasure of visiting waterfalls, valleys, bustling city, and churches. Apart from Shillong, seven-sisters of East India hide many other gems within its periphery.

The list of fantastic places starts within and ends outside the boundaries of Shillong. Here are some ideas of places to visit while going for a day trip from Shillong:

1. Cherrapunjee

To experience the divine beauty of a road trip, make Cherrapunjee your first stoppage. This mystifying place welcomes you with the cold breeze and white clouds. The cliffs, hills, valleys, and waterfalls like Noh Sngithiang fall, Noh Kalikai falls, and Dain Thelen Falls are worth a visit while in Cherrapunjee. Fun fact is that the place is also mentioned as the wettest place on the earth. Here you will get all your reasons why Meghalaya is called the abode of clouds! To reach Cherrapunjee you can take either a taxi or cab and it takes 50 minutes to reach the destination.

2. Mawsyram

Counting the top day trips from Shillong then Mawsynram is definitely not a miss! Live the dream of every nature lover while in the village of Mawsynram as it is no less than a perfect destination which beholds the beauty so phenomenally. Also, the village is the cleanest one in the whole of Asia! Shillong and Mawsyram are connected by road trail. For this 1 hour journey, you can go from taxi or cab which are easily available at Shillong.

3. Dawki

Dawki is a border town and is immensely beautiful and calm. Take a day trip to Dawki and you will realize why it is among the most recommended day trips from Shillong. Explore the deep gorges and ravines, row on the cleanest Indian River Umngot. The place will cast spell on you and you will be all mesmerized! Public taxi and car are available to take you from Shillong to Dawki in 1 hour 20 minutes.

4. Hajo

Hajo is considered is an ancient pilgrimage and a holy place, so if you want to dive into the religious aura then this is your next day trip from Shillong. The town perfectly and beautifully holds the three culture- Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism. The main attractions of Hajo are- Hayagriva Madhav Temple; The Hajo Powa-Mecca built on sand from Mecca; The Kedareswar temple; and the Madan Kamdev Temple. So don't miss the chance to explore some ancient architecture and culture along with the Brahmaputra River! Hajo can be reached by bus or taxi from Shillong in just 2h and that makes the rest of the day yours to enjoy.

5. Guwahati

Not visiting Guwahati will keep your northeast India tour incomplete. So, while in Shillong don't miss the chance to wander the valleys of Guwahati and experience the historical grandeur of the town. While in the town spend some time with mighty Bhramaputra river; visit the ancient shrines like Kamakhya Temple and the Basistha Ashram Temple, and cultural knowledge explore Kalashetra or Assam State Museum. From Shillong, you can reach to Guwahati via bus, taxi or car which generally takes 1h 30m to drop you at the destination. Do enjoy the in-between scenic views!

6. Mawlynnong

Talking about Mawlynnong is like talking about paradise on earth! From a long time people here are well cautious about hygiene and cleanliness and therefore the village can boast its tranquility, nature sights and adventures. Take a tour to valleys of East Khasi hills to know about Khasi culture. The destination is 1h 15m away from Shillong and can be easily reached by taxi or car.

7. Riwai

The less crowded village of Riwai is not much explored by tourists but is worth a visit as a day trip from Shillong. After a 30 minute ride from here, you will come across the bridge of Riwai made by living roots. Stay here and you’ll know the fables of nature and its wisdom! The local market and the forest here are great hits for spending some quality time. To reach Riwai, rent a taxi and reach the place within 1h 10m time. It is recommended to hire a taxi for a round trip or a car for you to drive.

Shillong along with its neighboring town and villages is blessed with eternal and timeless beauty. Don't call off your vacation until you visit them all!

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