Best Day trips from Shanghai

Best Day Trips from Shanghai

Best Day trips from Shanghai

The city of Shanghai is embarked with lines of skyscrapers and luxurious hotels, but that doesn’t take away the fact that it is surrounded with marvels also. Many people who don’t mind missing the hustle and bustle of the city have small voyages across Huang Pu itself. When in Shanghai, the sightseers are in luck as within reachable distances are places which serve as eye candy. So if you are seeking to get in touch with the ancient Chinese culture, surprise – surprise these are the places you should visit:

1. Hangzhou

Located in the eastern face of China, this city has all it takes for tourists to swarm around. West Lake stands as the most glorious sight to visit, where couples on a romantic getaway can be seen walking under the majestic moonlight. Preachers and old gondola drivers can be heard telling the romantic story of Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian. One of the main attractions in Hangzhou is the “lonely island” cum hill named Solitary Hill, with blooming plum blossoms. The best way to reach Hangzhou from Shanghai is by taking bullet train which covers the over 2 hours’ journey in about 45 minutes! You can also take the road but oonly if you have spare time.

2. Suzhou

Located about 100 kilometres to the west of Shanghai is the city of Suzhou or ‘Soochow’. Popular as the ‘Venice of the Orient’, this city has made its name due to the countless number of ponds and streams it holds. The mindboggling parallel water and land routes makes one hurl praises for the town planners. Among other hotspots are Tomb of King He Lu, Tiger Hill and Shantang Street. Marked by souvenirs and street food, one can never have enough of Suzhou. One can catch the routine trains running from People Square or plan a road trip, both taking about one and a half hours to reach.

3. Tongli

Stationed at about 91 kilometres from Shanghai is the old village of Tongli. Due to all the modernization and fast development in China, many cities have lost their authentic prehistoric touch. But Tongli continues to be one of the areas that has retained its originality even after so many decades. Stoned arched bridges are nothing less than a spectacle. Boat rides through the canals gives one a panoramic view of the ancient realms around the village. An easy way to get here is by renting a taxi or self driving. You can also take the subway or bus from People Square to save on time.

4. Zhouzhuang

Known for its beautiful waterways is the town of Zhouzhuang, a beautiful town located at a distance of 86 kilometres from Shanghai. Popularly euphemized as the ‘Venice of China’, travellers from around the world never seem to get enough of the mouth-watering and tongue tickling flavours of the local crab. If you are on a tight budget but wish to enjoy everything what China stands for, this is your land my friend! Traditional hotels and massage parlours offer services that ensure you a trip to heaven. A photographer’s dream, every nook and corner is picture perfect. Local songs in the voice of the boatmen are simply harmonious. It is a simple car ride from Shanghai that takes about 45-60 minutes to reach. Trains are not available on this route, but you can opt for bus services.

5. Xitang

Another remarkable place is the Xitang Water Town, which as the name suggests has many rivers flowing through it. People who can’t afford beach houses grab a feel of the lifestyle when in Xitang. Located at a distance of 80 km from Shanghai, it had a short sequence of Tom Cruise’s movie Mission Impossible: III shot here. Its tranquil ambience makes it a major tourist attraction for peace seekers. The Temple of Seven Masters grabs the whole attention, which is mostly famous for its old school rice wine Xitang that leaves the people ‘intoxicated’ literally. The houses have in themselves developed an antique image with sloping roofs and white washed exteriors. Xitang is a merely a one hour journey if you hit the road. Buses and trains also take equal time to reach.

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