Best Day trips from Seville

Best Day Trips from Seville

Best Day trips from Seville

Andalusia, the charm of Southern Spain, features the tiny little town of Seville, a historically endowed city famed for its Flamenco, Tapas Bars and Orange Trees. Especially if you hit the city in spring, it’s unbeatable! Cobbled streets forming a maze in the quarters of Santa Cruz, the breathtaking Alcazar Palace, the banks of Guadalquivir and the ancient Cathedral Tower- there’s a whole world to unwind in Seville! But with history reverberating everywhere you look, Seville offers as much of ‘here and now’ as the past. A cherry on top is that the neighbors of this gorgeous city are as wonderful as Seville itself. With a large number of small quaint towns and tiny villages, you can take infinite day tours around. So check out our list of the best day trips from Seville:

1. Malaga

A perfect place in the southern part of the country to hit the beach, Malaga is equal parts cultural and historic. A Gothic Cathedral circumscribed in labyrinthine pedestrian streets, flanked by people that are equally traditional and idiosyncratic as chic and contempo, Malaga is an eclectic blend of cultures and time-periods. Try out the amazing seafood served around the beach areas. Trains get you from Seville to Malaga in about 2.5-3 hours. A bus ride may take somewhere from 2.5 to 4 hours, depending on which one you chose.

2. Granada

A highly popular destination for Spain travelers, Granada is one of the last cities that offer free Tapas with your meal. The epic Alhambra Fortress tops the charts, with Mirador de San Nicholas and the old Arab Quarters following suit. But what draws laid-back visitors’ attention is the town’s incredibly rejuvenating hammams, serving the best massage ever. If you are lucky enough to spare more than a day, don’t miss out on Calle Elvira’s insane nightlife. Seville to Granada takes a travel time of 3 hours approx, whether you travel by bus, train or car.

3. Ronda

One of the typical White Villages of Spain, Ronda boasts a jaw-dropping gorge, quaint homes and panoramic vistas of a lush countryside. Built astride a deep ravine with beautiful bridges joining the two sides, Ronda is the most famous one of the Pueblos Blancos (White Villages). The place is ideal for low-key travelers and peace-seekers who wish to do nothing beyond strolling around and eating a lot. Ronda is a 2.5 hour bus journey from Seville, and about 2 hours if you drive yourself. Rail connectivity is seldom met with.

4. Cordoba

The great Moorish history of Cordoba is hard to unwind in a day, but you can make it if you begin your sojourn early. History of a long-gone empire, elegant cityscapes and convivial plazas make Cordoba a great destination for day-trippers. The Mezquita is the first on the list, with Cordoba’s own Alcazar just down the street from Mezquita. The legendary Roman Bridge and its nearby streets are a mandate, as are the city’s recently explored Arab Baths. Try a Scavenger Hunt in any of the residential patios; they offer beautiful flowery retreats with homeowners always ready to welcome! Cordoba is a 45 minute ride from Seville by the superfast train. Then there are bus and car options that take 2h 15m to reach.

5. Cadiz

This one’s a combination day tour; Cadiz lets you bask in the Spanish sun after you are done with the sightseeing and exploration. The town’s main piazza, the adjoining Cathedral, as well as the Roman amphitheater are typical of a European sojourn. Visit the Falla Theater, Plaza Espana, Santa Catalina and San Sebastian castles while you are here. When done with all this, head on to the Royal Prison and the beach to relieve for the day at a beach bar. Seville to Cadiz takes an hour and a half by trains and 1.45 hours by bus. But if you are really time crunched, go for a car ride that would get you there in 1.15 hours.

6. Jerez de la Frontera

Find the wonderful sherry-producing town of Jerez de la Frontera, the equestrian capital of Spain. Sherry is one of the oldest wines in the world and draws millions of wine tasters to its fields. The winding streets of this old village and the 11th century Alcazar are eminent tourist spots. Jerez is hardly an hour ride from Seville. Bus takes a little over an hour, and car just the same.