Best Day trips from Seoul

Best Day trips from Seoul

Best Day trips from Seoul

A confluence of fashion-technology and deep tradition, Seoul hosts a peaceful exhibition of temples, palaces, cutting-edge design and mountain trails. Gazing down on the sprawling metropolis, you will witness the four Guardian Mountains, depicting the power of pungsu-jiri. The place not controlled by the hands of the watches, Seoul is a 24-hour city where there is no restriction to be anywhere at any time.

With some of the best public transport facilities, the exploration beyond the walls is also a delight. Following is a rundown of the best day trips you can take from Seoul:

1. Daegu

The fourth largest city, Daegu is a pleasant and progressive place with a buzzing downtown, an awe-inspiring traditional-medicine market and some excellent munching options. Featuring a simple operated three-line subway system, Daegu is one of the best options for day trips. Immerse yourself in the local tradition with the temples including Haein-sa and Jikji-sa offering you a window into the history and culture of the place under their roofs. Located at a distance of 238kms from Daegu, the most comfortable journey can be covered in a train, taking average rail time of 4 hours. Other options include buses taking a little less than 4 hours and cars completing the journey in 3 hours only.

2. Busan

The second largest city in South Korea, Busan is bursting with mountains and beaches, hot springs and seafood. A rick-rolling port town, from casual tent bars to chic designer cafes to the fish markets, this place has tonnes to offer. With ranges rising from the middle of the city and mingling in with the urban landscaping, Busan is famous for hosting International Film Festivals. Some of the major attractions in the place include Taejongdae, Haedong Yonggungsa, Haeundae Beach and Yongdusan Park. Keeping in mind that for a day trip, the most preferable option is the Train Korail, taking 2h 45min of time. Other options include Train Suseo taking 3 and a half hours or the car taking a little over 4 and a half hours of journey time.

3. Ulsan

A seaside metropolitan located in the south-eastern Korea with a decently sized population, Ulsan is known for its coexistence of whaling heritage and industrial heart. Though often skipped by the tourist guides, Ulsan acts as the gateway to the Yeongnam Alps, allegedly one of the most beautiful provincial parks in South Korea. Some of the must see sights in Ulsan include Four Seasons of Mt Gaji, Sunrise at Ganjeolgot, Black Pebble Beach at Gangdong, Naewonam Valley of Mt Daeun, Bangudae and the Paraeso Waterfall. Located at a distance of 307 km from Seoul, it is easily accessible by the train & bus taking 3h 45min. Other viable options of transport include trains and buses taking 5 hours, and cars taking 4h 30mins of road time.

4. Jeonju

The provincial capital of Jeollabuk-do, Jeonju is famous for being the birthplace of the Joseon dynasty. Another thing marking the name of Jeonju in the world is bibimbap, Korea’s most well-known culinary delight. Snuggled in the heart of the place, the city plays the perfect base to explore the Jeollabuk-do. A beautiful city itself, the central historical folk village is the home to many beautiful hanoks (wood houses). Along with these you will find a clutch of house museums, pretty teahouses and artisan workshops depicting their culture and heritage. Located at a distance of 194 km from Seoul, the most comfortable travel can be observed in a train taking an average of 2h 50mins travel time. Other options for this commutation include buses including 3 hours and driving the way down in 2h 15mins.

5. Changwon

Counted as one of the first few planned city of South Korea, Changwon is the home to many high-tech and machine industries. Boasting the longest straight road in the nation, Changwon is surrounded by mountains on three sides, making it a safe place. Plan a day trip here including hikes on the mountains and enjoy the surreal elevated vies, witness the bicycle races, and attend the Bike party. Located at a distance of 300 km, the fastest and most comfortable mode of transport includes trains taking 3 hours of rail time. Other options include buses taking 4 and a half hours and cars taking a couple of minutes less than that.

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