Best Day Trips from Sarajevo

Best Day Trips from Sarajevo

Best Day Trips from Sarajevo

A European city that still looks like a war zone, thanks to the destruction of Sarajevo in the 1190s, Sarajevo today is one of the best historic centers in Europe. The cobbled streets of the old town lure you in with its art and history. The city perfectly blends the Ottoman spires and modern skyscrapers in its elegant Austro- Hungarian buildings. Best known for its long and rich history of religious and cultural diversity, trip to Sarajevo is equal parts fun and educational! It is a place where the west and east converge, where the sky seems to be embedded with minarets and belfries. A lively and vibrant city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo travel gives you an authentic European experience with its beautiful atmosphere, traditional food and cafe culture.

In the day trips from Sarajevo, tourists to Europe get to experience the historical Ottoman towns, magnificent canyons, former capitals, mountains, pyramids and a lot more! Not only Sarajevo but its surrounding towns are also rich in history and culture and should be explored to make a trip to Sarajevo complete. So check out some of the best day trips from Sarajevo:

1. Mostar

Herzegovina’s much popular capital, Mostar witnesses a large number of tourists, who visit only to take a walk across the 16th century Ottoman Stari Most Bridge, one that connects both the sides of the city over River Neretva. The nearby alleys are filled with shops and market stalls. And the Old Bridge Museum lets you explore the Bridge’s long history. Other things to do in Mostar include taking a walk through the Old Bazaar, having a meal on a terrace overlooking the river and climbing the Franciscan Church’s 354 feet bell tower. Another narrow staircase leads up to Koski Mehmed- Pasha Minaret to take in amazing city views. To reach Mostar, you can either take a bus or train from Sarajevo. The route has the best scenery. You can also join an organised tour from Sarajevo that comes in with a guide.

2. Travnik

Travnik serves as home to Ottoman’s best architecture in Bosnia like the Travik Castle (15th century), Mosques and the Clock tower. Travnik tourism is mostly based on its history. The city dates back in 15th century, making it one of the most accessible sites from that era. So if you are a history buff, Travnik is a must for you. Nearby Mt. Vlasic is the tallest peak in Bosnia and serves as an excellent spot for hiking, skiing and sledding. Hourly bus leaves from Sarajevo to Travnik and take almost 1 hr 30 minutes to reach.

3. The Bosnian Pyramids

These pyramids are a collection of man- made structures in Visoko with healing properties. This day tour from Sarajevo gives you a chance to discover the magical ancient spectacle of Bosnia and Herzegovina. These pyramids represent complex structures in the world, consisting of Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Moon, Pyramid of the Bosnian Dragon, Temple of Mother Earth and the Pyramid of Love. The evidence to this is not accepted world-wide but it exists. You can always hire a guide as it involves in depth descriptions from professionals. You can also join the meditation sessions and explore the tunnels. Hourly buses leave from Sarajevo central bus station and the trip takes almost 1h 45m to reach. Alternatively, road trips take barely half an hour to get you there.

4. Lukomir

The most remote day trip from Sarajevo, the quaint village of Lukomir is a perfect example of traditional Bosnian culture. With locals still living in stone houses thatched with cherry wood tiles, women in Lukomir as still seen wearing hand knitted costumes, once that their ancestors wore. For adventurers, it is a great base to hike along the Peruce Waterfall and Rakitnica Canyon. Public transport is a tough grind to find between Sarajevo and Lukomir. It is best to take a road trip, reaching your destination in an hour’s time.

5. Visegrad

The best known thing about this town is its Old Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic Bridge. The bridge is over River Drina which, with its beautiful natural surroundings, makes Visegrad one of the most beautiful villages in Europe! Sarajevo to Visegrad is an easy 2 hr drive by car or taxi.

Sarajevo has a very rich history with a warm n welcoming character. So to enjoy your stay in authentic European style, pack your bags and head to this beautiful side of Europe!

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