Best Day Trips from Sao Paulo

Best Day Trips from Sao Paulo

Best Day Trips from Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city and particularly rich in history and cultural value, gives its visitors the prefect taste of Brazil and South America. Serving home to nearly a gazillion statues, parks, galleries and museums, a trip to Sao Paulo makes a perfect setting to wander and explore Brazil. With a typically monsoon climate, the city creates an ideal setting for a number of amazing events all around the year, serving as a top attraction in Brazil to tourists from all around the world.

Besides the insane nightlife option that this gigantic city offers, the surroundings of Sao Paulo also render perfect getaways, including everything from peaks to finest beaches. So, once you are done unwinding the city, hit the roads to know the country from close. Some of the best day trips from Sao Paulo are:

1. Pedra Bela

This place near Sao Paulo is stunning in landscapes, with zip lining adding a major fun element to it. Scale the mountains and explore the small church on the top of the largest stone in the region. The zip line here is also the longest in Latin America. To get from Sap Paulo to Pedra Bela, take a bus that takes about 3 hours. You can also get a taxi from the main city that drops you in an hour and a half.

2. Zu Lai Temple

The biggest Buddhist temple in South America, Zu Lai has immaculate gardens and a perfect setting for the meditative souls. The visiting hours for non-Buddhists are Tuesday-Friday from 12PM- 5PM and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9AM – 5PM. Metro for Zu Lai takes 30 minutes to reach. You can also take a bus that takes an hour and a half. Alternatively, a taxi from the city will get you here in less than 45 minutes.

3. Wine route in Sao Roque

Even though the wine produced here is not as famous as the Southern region of Brazil, the residents of Sao Paulo love it and have created a touristy wine route with 31 establishments open for visitation and wine tasting. January through February, these wineries allow the visitors to go out in the grape yards, pick their own grapes and produce their own wine by squishing the grapes with their bare feet! Isn’t that cool! Try to plan a trip in October when these wineries have a wine tasting festival. Bus from Sao Paulo gets you here in an hour and a half, while taxis take about 50 minutes.

4. Embu Das Artes

This place is a heaven for sculptors, writers, painters and musicians who fled to the bustling streets of Embu Das Artes. This city today is a mega arts and craft complex, where you find everything from pottery to hand woven textiles, writers selling their books and musicians playing in the doorways. Bus from Sao Paulo takes 1h 45m to reach here. You can also get a taxi that takes 30 minutes to reach. Metro can also be opted to reach here in 40 minutes.

5. Boituva

This is the skydive capital of Brazil and is known for its balloon trips all over the region! Boituva is a beautiful city that serves home to rolling hills and stunning landscapes! The adrenaline junkies can find a specialized Skydive centre with professionals assisting you. This city has the only “airport” dedicated to skydiving and paragliding in Brazil. Bus from Sao Paulo takes 1h 15m to reach Tatui from where, you take a taxi to Boituva, taking another 80 minutes to reach this beautiful city.

6. Guaruja

This is a beach front that has white sands and calm waters to attract both beach lovers and adventure seekers. The beachfront also offers a wide range of restaurants and bars to binge eat on authentic seafood of this region. Take a metro from San Bento to Janaquara, followed by bus from Janaquara to Guaruja, with all of this taking about 2 hours to get you here. Direct buses leave from the city bus station in every 10 minutes and takes 3 hours to reach. Aleternatively, taxi from the city takes 1h 15minutes to reach.

Brazil is an overdose of beauty and culture. Having all the things you need to keep you entertained in a new city for a vacation, Sao Paulo is a gorgeous mess! From beaches to peaks, its periphery has everything stored for you. So pack your bags and head to Sao Paulo for a trip to remember!

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