Best day trips from San Salvador

Best day trips from San Salvador

Best day trips from San Salvador

San Salvador is a handsome city for all those visitors who want to wander on the streets of Central America. The City Centre, cathedrals, and Plaza Barrios are worth to go on a vacation to San Salvador. Also, the easy access to ocean and mountains from San Salvador makes it the perfect location to get started with your day trip tour.

But did you know that the neighbouring areas of San Salvador are as intriguing as the city itself? Well, here is a few of the many places to wander around as the best day trips from San Salvador:

1. Joya de Ceren

This archaeological site offers visitors to take a glance into the lifestyle of Mesoamerican farmers rather than elites and the place got covered with volcanic ash after the eruption of Laguna Caldera. The uniqueness of Mesoamerica is now named under UNESCO world heritage site for its well-preserved ruins and history. After you are done with Joya de Ceren, you can visit lake Coatepeque to have some good scenic time with waves washing your feet. It will take around 35-40 minutes to start the tour at Joya de Ceren. Local buses and taxis are available from San Salvador to Joya de Ceren and from there you can hire a taxi or rent a car for 40 minutes ride to Lake Coatepeque.

2. Santa Ana

If you are a big nature lover then hike the biggest volcano in El Salvador, Santa Ana and explore the Apaneca-Ilamatepec biological corridor. The place offers incredible views and bird watching. You can start the hiking by first visiting Los Volcanoes Complex National Park and then going around the inactive volcano, El Cerro Verde. The place offers some good flora and fauna views! To reach Santa Ana, buses and cars are available for this 1 hour journey.

3. Suchitoto

The cultural capital of El Salvador, Suchitoto is a big hit for spending the weekends! Cobbled streets, beautiful galleries, and the Spanish church are few of many highlights of the town. But the main fun begins with the architectural beauty of the town, hikes to waterfalls and Lago Suchitlán, and watching the migrated birds all over the skies. The thrilling journey from San Salvador to Suchitoto is of around 45 minutes and can be covered by a bus or a car.

4. El Imposible National Park

Sitting upon the ApanecaIlamatepec mountain range, the place has claimed many lives so be extra cautious! Though the place is wonderful to enjoy, the river views and to get close to nature. You can catch a bus or hire a car till El Imposible National Park and It takes 2 hours to reach the destination.

5. The flowers route

This flower-painted route will take you through the 6 colorful cities of El Salvador. Nahuizalco is a place full native people and homes a beautiful architectural church. The town is also known for its artisan industry and creativity. Salcoatitan, the artistic city which has many permanent exhibitions on display, is best known for its food and recently built church. Juayua is the town where you enjoy gastronomic festivals every weekend and in weekdays enjoy the waterfalls and savour the taste of coffee. Apaneca is not only known as the archaeological site but also homes best cafes and adventurous activities like canopying, motorcycle tours, camping, etc. While in the colonial town of Ataco, walk the cobbled streets of old town, smell the aroma of the coffee plantation, and endear the folk music at the central plaza with some great drinks. The last city of flower route is Ahuachapán which is an amazing stop due to its cafes and picturesque murals, splendid culture and thermal paradises. It would take around 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Nahuizalco from San Salvador. From there you can visit Salcoatitan within 15 minutes and after then you can enjoy the adjacent city of Juayua. From Juayua you can reach Apaneca after the short drive of 10 minutes and then you can go strolling Ataco in just 10 minutes. The last stop of Ahuachapán can be visited from Ataco in within 15 minutes. For the whole tour either you can change the bus or the local taxi at every stop or hire a car from San Salvador to take you around.

Apart from all these, there are many other magnificent places too where you can go around from San Salvador. Amid all this don't miss the feelof local rave!

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