Best Day Trips from San Jose

Best Day Trips from San Jose

Best Day Trips from San Jose

San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, stands with its own light amidst volcanoes, rainforest and beaches! The barrios of San Jose are filled with Costa Rican culture and its history.

In fact, the location is not only meant for sightseeing, but it is also a prime location to get connected with other beautiful destinations. So why stay in one place when you can get different experiences everyday while traveling to San Jose! Here is the list of some amazing day trips from San Jose:

1. Tortuga Island

Being on the cruise is just like a dream but not when in San Jose! Boasting white sand beaches, Tortuga Island is a breathtaking island with excellent snorkeling options. You can cruise here as you pass through Gulf of Niyoca before reaching to the main island. Things to do while visiting the Tortuga Island are paddle boating, jet skiing, renting kayaks, or maybe just lying back in the shower of sunlight! Be choosy regarding the cruise as the main experience of the trip sails with it! To enjoy the Tortuga Island, you have to book a tour either directly from San Jose or from Punta Arenas, which is 1.5 hours journey from San José, for which buses and taxis are available. From Punta Arenas, it takes another 1.5 hours to reach the island.

2. Arenal volcano and hot springs

Take an Arenal volcano day tour from San Jose to experience the magic in the air! It is one of the best tourist attractions for its hot springs and volcanic terrain. A day spent here includes breakfast, lunch, hike in Arenal volcano and at the end, you get to soak yourself into one of the best hot springs of Costa Rica! The destination takes 3 hours to reach from the main location, San Jose. Shuttle, bus and taxi are all available and regularly commute between the two locations.

3. Rainforest adventure

Zip lining, Aerial tram, hiking, bird watching….just name the forest adventure and you can have it! The Rainforest Adventures Park has a lush green jungle, incredible views and abundant wildlife. Don't miss the fantastic Caribbean coast view from up there! Many tour packages are available which can take you to go around the forest. The journey to Rainforest Adventures Park is about 2.5 hours and to reach here you can take the bus or the taxi from San Jose terminal.

4. Zarcero/ Grecia/ Sarchi

Amidst the forest and beaches, these places let you peep inside the small town life in Costa Rica and its culture. Zarcero is known for the topiary garden and the churches. Grecia, meaning Greek in Spanish, is not much of a Greek but is famous for the Red Steel church. The city of furniture, Sarchi, is famous for its fine woodwork and biggest oxcart. These small towns are not overrun by many tourists and take you away from the city crowd! You can reach Zarcero in 1h 30m, and Grecia and Sarchi in 1 hour via bus or a taxi. Via taxi or self-drive, you can reach the towns a little early and save some time to explore more.

5. Rio Pacuare

If you are up for some awesome outdoor adventures, then Rio Pacuare is the best day trip from San Jose! The place is home to many native Cabecar Indians and other wildlife. You can just splash into the Costa Rica's famous river and go for white water rafting. So kick hard, get your swimsuit out and get ready! The river is 2 hours away from San Jose and has incredible and wonderful adventurous activities. You can reach the destination via taxi or bus.

6. Coffee tour

While traveling to Central valley, don’t forget to check in some good coffee plantation houses. Café Britt is one such house to check out but is no longer a working plant, but can give you history notes and watch the production process. To have a look of working plant, you can go to Doka, boasting an amazing Doka estate tour to let you watch every action and give you the overview of the process. There are plenty of coffee houses on the way to Poas volcano. Taxi and buses are easily available to reach the destination and you can drive yourself to get the fun started.

Explore the Costa Rican gems while staying at the most convenient city, San Jose. So get your bag packs and bucket list ready to roll on the adventures!

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