Best Day trips from Salzburg

Best Day Trips from Salzburg

Best Day trips from Salzburg

A city equally admired for its architecture as it is for its magnificent natural setting, Salzburg also enjoys a special fame in the world of music as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Stand along the rapid Salzach River and you will spend hours gawking at the domes and spires, the formidable fortress and mountains far and beyond. Besides being with a beautiful historic city itself, Salzburg makes a wonderful base for day trips into the equally picturesque surrounding countryside of Austria. Blessed with an excellent rail network, the city is also an excellent post to explore other Austrian cities like Vienna and Innsbruck. Catering to a wide stratum of tourists, some of the best options for a one-day trip from Salzburg include the following:

1. Vienna

Any visit to Austria is not complete without visiting the beautiful capital. One of Europe's most visited cities, Vienna remains the natural, commercial and cultural nucleus of Europe, offering a lot to unwind. Always engaged in a toiling schedule of events and entertainment, along with the remnant distinctive charm and flair, an effect accentuated by its fine old architecture, its famous horse-cabs (as well as its beautiful street-side cafés, Vienna is one place you just can't take off your list. With a well oiled rail-system, the best option is to travel through a train with an average time of 2 and half hours. Other options include bus and car, taking approximately the same travel-while.

2. Berchtesgaden

Located on the tip of the German border, Berchtesgaden is a charming, postcard-perfect town with infinite beauty in its own right, and a backdrop made up of stunning mountain peaks and salt mines. One of the greatest attractions in the town is the Eagle's Nest, giving you a spectacular view of the alluring valley pinpointed by lavish villas. Remaining as a poignant reminder of the past, the town of Berchtesgaden sits on one of the most spectacular natural settings in the world. Featuring narrow, winding streets that are lined with pastel houses in the alpine style, and locals entertaining the visitors with Bavarian music and dance, this is one place you just can't get bored in. Located at a distance of 40kms, the distance is covered in 45 minutes by a bus, 30 minutes by a taxi and an hour and a half by a train ride.

3. Hallstatt

Overlooking the crystal blue waters of Lake Hallstatt, the tiny community of Hallstatt is perhaps the most beautiful example of the many quaint traditional villages waiting to be explored in Upper Austria. With history dating back to more than 4000 years, the town today caters to the tourists with picturesque views and the charming town itself. With a total car ban observed during summers, the place is a pedestrian-friendly spot. Indulge in the gorgeous views with a steaming cup of cocoa in your hand from a local cafe, in a town plays the perfect place to sit down and relax. Although not the fastest way to travel, trains are still preferred by many for the simple and less stressful way taking around 2hr 15min. Other options include taking a bus taking 2hr 45min while cabs and cars taking one and a half hour.

4. Innsbruck

One of Austria's all year favourite holiday destination, Innsbruck is famous for retaining and maintaining its medieval Old Town charm in the narrow, twisting streets and tall houses of Late Gothic style. Brimming with beautiful vistas of the huge ring of mountains surrounding you, this is one of the most beautiful valley based cities in Europe, providing you with breathtaking views of the ranges standing amidst the city. Austria in microcosm, its late-medieval Altstadt is picture-book stuff, presided over by a grand Habsburg palace and baroque cathedral, making it a culturally and naturally beautiful place, capturing the essence of Austria in one territory. At a distance of 137kms, the train takes a journey of 2 hour, a bus ride little less than two hours, while the cars take 2hr 15 min for the commutation.