Best Day Trips from Salvador

Best Day Trips from Salvador

Best Day Trips from Salvador

Salvador da Bahia is the most unmatched destination of Brazil and is full of cheer and charm. This city holds the 17th-century architecture and gold-laden churches. The town is frequently in the festive mood and celebrates while reconnecting with gods. From music, dance, food to martial arts everything here is fascinating!

Though the town itself houses many attractions, but has no less outside its boundaries. So here is the list to get you started with the best day trips from Salvador:

1. Praia do Forte

The high-end beach town of Praia do Forte has one of the attractive beaches of Brazil and can easily be added to the list of best day trips from Salvador. You can head up to the city early in the morning to get the look of sunrise and serene nature. The best attractions of the place are - Projeto Tamar for looking at sea turtles and snorkeling; Garcia D'Ávila Lighthouse; lay back or take a boat ride to watch humpback whales; tour to 16th century Garcia D'Ávila Castle; ride a quadricycle at Reserva de Sapiranga; dive in the Pojuca River. Not only is the nature divine here but also the bars and restaurants. Don't forget to grab some local dish and stroll on the streets! Buses leave from Salvador frequently for Praia do Forte. Also, till Praia do Forte, you can hire or rent a taxi or book a Uber. The whole journey will take 1 hour 45 minutes to wrap up.

2. Morro de Sao Paulo

Looking for the isolated getaway and away from city life then Morro de Sao Paulo is the best day trip from Salvador. Located on the Ilha de Tinharé, Atlantic Ocean, the place offers a relaxing and chilling vacation to Salvador. Also, Morro de Sao Paulo is known as car-free village; so get ready to experience the slow and peaceful lifestyle. After exploring the village, head towards the ruins of the Fortress of Tapirandu for some oceanic views or just enjoy the meal in one of the beachside restaurants. Regular ferries depart from Salvador to Morro de Sao Paulo frequently and generally take 2h 30m to reach the destination.

3. Cachoeira and Sao Felix

The once-rich town of Cachoeira is one of the best-known places of Recôncavo and is full of colours. Its architecture goes back to the colonial time and provides some splendid views of the town. Located amid the hills and alongside the banks of the Rio Paraguaçu, Cachoeira is best day trip from Salvador along with its twin town, São Félix. Both the towns are connected via a bridge for easy commute. If you are still looking for reasons to visit, then the place has Brazilian's best tobacco sold here, Bahian religious traditional Candomblé center, and wonderful wood sculptures. To get to the Cachoeira, you can take a bus, taxi or car from Salvador have to travel for 1h and 30m to reach the destination.

4. Ilha da Itaparica

There can't be any better place to spend your afternoon in Brazil! Ilha da Itaparica has a beautiful beach with warm and clear water and you can spot people enjoying the sea breeze. Apart from this the town has some backdated history and you can visit Plaza de Las Veranistas, the traditional street of the town- Boulevard, the fort of Sao Lourenco, Ponta Das Baleias, and finally just walk around exploring the streets and market. Ilha da Itaparica is all fun! The town is accessible from Salvador via ferry till Mar Grande - Vera Cruz and then a taxi for the further journey which will take around 1 hour 15 minutes to reach.

5. Arembepe

To get the feel of hippie culture, why don't you add this amazing town in your day trips list from Salvador! Arembepe beautifully portrays the Brazilian village culture and lifestyle. Go around the city and its famous beach singing Janis Joplin, Caetano, and Gil and appreciating the crafts of the city. Here the houses are of clay and stones and you can actually go back in time while visiting Arembepe. Don't forget to dive in Capivara River while heading back! You can visit the location by using the services of bus, taxi, cars or Uber which runs frequently from Salvador. The journey to Arembepe Beach takes around 45 minutes.

This splendid town keeps you in the vacation mood 24*7. Just relax under the shining sun. The places near Salvador are worth a visit; don't miss the chance!

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