Best Day trips from Rotterdam

Best Day Trips from Rotterdam

Best Day trips from Rotterdam

Lying on the banks of the Nieuwe Maas, where it's joined by the little River Rotte, Rotterdam is the second largest city in Netherlands. After being completely shattered by German forces in 1940, the central part of the city was strategically rebuilt, complete with modern shopping streets, residential districts, and high-rises, making it one of the most modern and architecturally interesting cities in Europe. Proliferating art, a surge of drinking and dining and crazy nightlife venues makes the city the most exhilarating one in Europe! Providing a confluence of modernity with ancient winds itself, the primal location provides an option to have the best Nether experience covered day by day. Here is the inventory of the best day trips from Rotterdam:

1. Kinderdijk

A unique icon of Dutch water management and control, Kinderdijk is located 15 miles southwest of Rotterdam and labelled as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Featuring 19 monumental windmills, the majority of the place was built during the 18th century. You can explore these windmills either by foot or on a bike. Feel the wind, smell the water and listen to the sound of the windmills, this is the ideal place to relax. Multiple events of markets, concerts and festivals are hosted by this countryside between April and October. One of the best ways to commute between the towns is through the waterbus. Another way to reach here is to take a bus or hire a bicycle taking approximately 50 minutes of travel time.

2. Hague

Known as the 'beautiful city behind the dunes', Hague is the 3rd biggest city in the Netherlands. Lying on the coast of the province of southern Holland, this cultural pioneer has a number of museums in its premises, including Mauritshuis Museum, Museum Escher, and Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. Another attraction in the place is the Peace Palace, the most photographed building in the city. Located at a distance of 27kms, the average train duration is about 35 minutes. Other options of travel include bus taking half an hour and taxis taking 45 minutes to an hour, depending upon the traffic.

3. Gouda

The sale of the namesake export, the cheese of Gouda is one of the best around Netherlands. Cheese being the sole reason of wealth, the place is also famous for having the country's largest candle factory. Along with witnessing the cheese being manufactured you can go on a private tour of Giethoorn, trek tour from Bariloche, and the private tour of the Mascardi Lake. A total of 120 trains running between the two cities, the average journey time. Other options include hiring a bicycle and biking your way through for 1hr 30minutes, or taking a bus to reach the place in half an hour. Self drive would take less than an hour to reach.

4. Delft

A city of culture and history, Delft is a perfect place for shopping, lively terraces and hearty food and drinks. Known during Golden Age Delft for its tin glazed pottery and many similar ventures, the city continues its expertise in the manufacture the style of ceramics. Brimming with creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, the city will introduce you to the great works Delft artists and scientists including Johannes Vermeer, Anthony van Leeuwenhoek and Hugo de Groot. Located at a mere distance 16kms, the most preferred way to travel is to hire bicycle costing less than an hour. Other options include train, with an average time of 25-30 minutes, bus costing about the same time and car taking around half an hour.

5. Utrecht

Despite being the fourth largest city in Netherlands, Utrecht is often overlooked by travellers. From the early times, Utrecht was blessed with principal political, economic, and cultural centres of the Netherlands. Carrying that culture forward, one of the greatest attraction in the picturesque Old Town abounding with numerous historical buildings surrounded and intersected by canals attracting a great numbers of visitors. With an average rail time of less than an hour, the train is one of the best ways for the commutation. Other options include, buses taking an average of 40 minutes, while cabs and cars taking around 1 hour 20 minutes.

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