Best Day Trips from Rotorua

Best Day Trips from Rotorua

Best Day Trips from Rotorua

With steaming geysers and the origin place of the Maori tradition, Rotorua is New Zealand’s most dynamic thermal areas. From spurting geysers to steaming hot springs to exploring mud place, Rotorua atmospheres a sulphur-rich, asthmatic air everywhere you turn your gaze. Known as the 'Sulphur City', Rotorua manages to pull in around three million visitors every year. Though the urban fabric of the place is not particularly appealing, its proximity to a 30 m geothermal geyser advocates the reason for the visit.

However once you have visited the geysers, there is not much else the place can hold your attention to. Here is a rundown of the best places to explore in the vicinity of Rotorua for day trips:

1. Hamilton Island

The perfect dream island vacation, Hamilton islands is a delicious slice of resort paradise. Featuring well paved roads, steep rocky hills criss-crossed by the rough walking trails and the alluring beaches with white sand, this is one place that you can't afford to miss. Though it may not tick every box on your bucket list, Hamilton Island impresses the onlookers by a fine selection of high-end accommodation, restaurants, bars and activities, mostly things that can be a little heavy on the wallet. Generally looked upon as a weekend getaway, the place can be explored in a day's while too. The breathtaking cruises and the magnificent vistas therefrom make it a place hard to resist. The most preferable mode of transport is the car taking an average road time of 1h 15 mins. For the people preferring public transport, there is an availability of buses taking 1h 45 mins of road time.

2. Tauranga

With an availability of activities like sailing, fishing and dolphin watching, Tauranga is the ultimate mecca for marine adventures. This sunny city will provide you with the perfect environment and opportunity to sit back and soak up the stunning coastal environment. Downtown Tauranga offers you the opportunity to explore the plethora of historically significant areas just by taking a stroll down the beautiful streets. One of the major attractions in the place is The Strand waterfront area, buzzing with energy and housing a clutch of cafés, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. The most time efficient and comfortable option is to drive down to the place in less than an hour. Other options include hiring a cab taking 45 mins or maybe a bus taking an hour for the same distance.

3. Taupo

With the boundaries embracing the largest lake of New Zealand, Taupo holds fame for its opportunities of trout fishing and skiing, and a chance to explore the geothermal parks. Thanks to its proximity with the lake, you can spend a relaxing day by the lake fishing for trout in the sun and drinking beer. Another option includes the opportunity to ski on the famous Mount Ruapehu. Some of the famous Taupo experiences include Huka Falls, geothermal walks, a prawn farm, lake cruises, and guided kayak expeditions to see the rock carvings at Mine Bay. There are two options for this travel including cars taking about an hour, and buses taking a little less than an hour and a half of average road time.

4. Gisborne

The first city in the world to greet the sun, Gisborne earned it fame for the great food, wine and surf beaches it has to offer. Categorized as the unofficial ‘Chardonnay Capital of New Zealand’, there is a comprehensive hidden wine trail leading you directly to the boutique wineries. There is an availability of guided tours of the wineries specially tailored for individuals or groups. One of the major attractions in the place is the Kaiti beach, marking the place of Captain Cook's first landing in New Zealand. Providing you a deep insight in the Maori culture, Gisborne tops the charts for the best day trips from Rotorua. Located a little far, the two options for travelling to the place include driving taking 3h 45 mins and buses taking 4h 30 mins.

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