Best Day trips from Rome

Best Day Trips from Rome

Best Day trips from Rome

Italy's hot-blooded capital, Rome is considered one of the most romantic and inspiring cities across the planet. A unique mix of the hauntingly beautiful ruins and the awe-inspiring arts along with the vibrant streets, this place gives a new definition of inflatus to the world. With a wide plethora of attractions including Colosseum, Roman Forum and Pantheon, it can be pretty hard to tear yourself from the city. However for the proper Lazio region, a venture to the wonderful hosts of historic and natural sites around is essential. Complete with the cultural roots binding the tourists to the premises, here are some of the best day trips from Rome:

1. Pompeii

Considered as one of the most elemental day trips from Rome, Pompeii is the most compelling archaeological site in Europe. A stark reminder of the malign forces deep inside Vesuvius, Pompeii can be best experienced by taking a guided tour or audio tour, walking among the streets of this ruined metropolis to learn about its history and see what remains of 2,000 year old shops, restaurants, residential homes, baths and brothels as well as political, religious and commercial centres. One of the best ways for the commutation is the bus, taking 2 hour for the commutation. Other ways to travel from Rome to Pompeii would be to take a cab or drive the way down to Pompeii in about 2h 44minutes in total.

2. Positano

Amalfi Coast's most photogenic and expensive town, Positano is one place where you can witness vertiginous houses down to the sea in a cascade of sun-bleached peach, pink and terracotta. The colour in the town is sprinkled around and can be observed on the steep streets and steps, which are flanked by wisteria-draped hotels, smart restaurants and fashionable retailers providing you gifting opportunities for the friends back home. However, beyond the facades of money and fashion you will notice the reassuring signs of everyday reality including crumbling stucco, streaked paintwork and even, on occasion, a faint whiff of drains. Located at a distance of 274kms from Rome, the most comfortable and viable journey that people take is through the train taking them 2h 54min. Other viable options for day tours with rental cabs or maybe driving the way taking 3h 43mins of road time. To make the most out of your sojourn, prefer a drive down the Amalfi; it’s breathtaking!

3. Capri

The perfect microcosm of Mediterranean appeal, Capri is one place with the fabled beauty and refined hedonism enough to charm people from Roman rules to Hollywood legends. A sight involving the fusion of glittering grottoes and coves, welcome the visitors who spare time for this beauty. Though the place is brimming with designer boutiques and expensive cafes, the unspoilt charm of Capri is still prevalent in the grand villas, overgrown vegetable plots, sun-bleached, peeling stucco and banks of brilliantly coloured bougainvillea There are three ways to cover the distance between the two places, the most convenient being the train, taking roughly 3 hours for the journey. Other options for the travel are renting a cab or driving the ways, both taking the road time of 4h 30min for the journey. It is best to begin your journey early morning, so you have enough time to explore the city.

4. Orvieto

A treat for sore eyes, Orvieto, is perched on a volcanic plug of rocks looking down upon fields streaked with vines, and olive and cypress trees. Complete with the cobbled lanes, medieval piazzas and churches, the place is like a love child of Rome and Florence snuggled between the aforementioned. One of the major attractions of the place is the Duomo, considered as one of Italy’s finest with its stunning mosaics and frescoes. Complete with a labyrinth of 3000 year old underground tunnels, Orvieto's elaborate tunnels contain grandiose rooms, stairs, cisterns and quarries to serve the nobility in the past. To cover this distance of 97kms, the best way is to choose the rails, taking a little over an hourfor the journey. Other options include buses taking 3 hours and cars taking a little less than 2 hours for commutation.