Best day trips from Quito

Best day trips from Quito

Best day trips from Quito

Quito, the much treasured and ulterior gem of South America, has a whole world to offer, from the soaring Andes to the skyrocketing buildings, to the ancient charm of the Old Town. Surrounded by a number of volcanoes and perched on high elevation, things to see in Quito are downright unique and heavenly!

Travel Quito and you’ll explore one of the UNESCO heritage sites boasting a spectacular scenic view. The architecture here is beautiful and food delicacies beyond your stomach can bear! Besides being a stopover on your way to the Galapagos, Quito can offer you as the perfect base to unwind the rest of Equador. With so much on its plate to offer, what make it more exciting is the add-ons of numerous day trips to the Things to do in Quito itself. So check out these best day trips from Quito:

1. Mindo Cloud Forest

Mindo Clouf Forest shelters a huge biodiversity, greenery and affinity to nature. Best things to see in Mindo are the waterfalls, with the most famous among them being Cascada Le Reina, which means “the Queen of Waterfall”. The adrenaline junkies can try a hand at mountain biking, tubing, canyoning and horse riding. Amidst the jungle rustle and birds lullaby, Mindo is the ultimate day tour! Getting here is easy. You just have to catch the bus from La Ofeila terminal in Quito to Mindo that takes about 2 hours . Alternatively, you can rent a taxi or drive yourself to reach here in a little less than two hours.

2. Mitad Del Mundo

A day trip from Quito is to the Middle of the World or Mitad Del Mundo. The best thing to do in Mitad is to enjoy the experiments that have been set up for visitors for entertainment purposes. In Mitad Del Mundo, you can actually spot the line of equator marked! A fun fact- the French explorers who marked this line missed the actual line of the equator by 250 meters! You can reach to the middle of the world by taxi easily in 40 minutes. Also, you can opt for bus which takes about an hour and a half to reach.

3. Otavalo market

The place is best known for its market put by the native group of Latin Americans- Otavalenos. In this animal market, they sell everything from livestock to kitchens. In the crafts and goods market, you get to unwind everything related to textiles, blankets, handicrafts, artworks, spices and the works. But shopping in local markets without haggling is no fun. Apart from the market, the best tourists’ attractions nearby are Peguche Waterfall, San Pablo Lake and Cotacachi town. A trip to Otavalo takes two hours from Quito. You can easily catch the bus from Carcelen terminal in Quito. Even taxis are an option that takes 1.5 hours to reach.

4. Laguna Quilotoa

A gorgeous turquoise colored lake makes the perfect tourist spot around Quito. Quilotoa is an active volcanic area, having a 3km wide crater filled with water. The elevation of the crater is high enough to create panoramic vistas of the region. You can take a bus from Quito for Latacunga and from there, you get the next bus to Quilotoa. Due to non-availability of direct buses, people prefer enrolling in a tour to reach there.

5. Papallacta Hot Springs

Papallacta is a small town having a high yield of potato but that’s not what it is famous for. The town is among the best day trips from Quito for its hot natural spring baths! The pools here are hot due to regional volcanic activity and for tourists, many guesthouse and lodges are easily available. So, get ready to grab some delicious fish food while soaking in hot spring! You can catch the bus from Cumbaya in Quito either for Tena or Baeza. The trip for Papallacta from Quito is about two hours.

6. Cotopaxi national park

The volcano is covered in snow and the area of the park is beautifully barren having limited flora. Things to do while in Cotopaxi are seeing the volcano, taking a hike to the volcano and then bike riding through the national park. From Quito take the bus towards Latacunga that takes one hour to reach the destination.

Quito qualifies for a seat in your travel circuit! It is the best place to travel if you seek some exploration and tete-a-tete with nature. So give your life a little and do visit the place!

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