Best Day trips from Queenstown

Best Day trips from Queenstown

Best Day trips from Queenstown

A perfect combination of adventurous fun and the sophisticated etiquette, Queenstown is the perfect place to go and show off. Though, it often deceives you by the looks of a small town, it packs phenomenal energy of a small city wearing its badge of 'Global Adventure Capital’ with pride and respect. A land of stark contrasts, you will find opportunities to do crazy, spine-tickling adventures while still being in proximity of a cosmopolitan restaurant and an eccentric arts scene, excellent vineyards and five international-standard golf courses.

Boasting some really beguiling views and accepting atmosphere, Queenstown is definitely a hard place to part with. To explore beyond the walls, try these best day trips from Queenstown, to tick off this face of New Zealand completely from your bucket list:

1. Arrowtown

A living historic town with many stories in its curves and crevices, Arrowtown, sitting alongside the beautiful Arrow River, is one of the most picturesque settlements in New Zealand. An destination to be in the autumn, the months of April and may witness the town ignite with colour as the trees prepare for their battle against the winter. Stroll down the tree-sided streets and witness the restored cottages and explore the gold mining sites, and you might even get to see how it is done. The most comfortable and time efficient journey in a public transport is through the line 6 bus taking a little over half an hour of road time. Other options include line 11 and line 10 buses taking 2 hours or the cars taking 30mins.

2. Glenorchy

Sitting amongst in one of the most beautiful backdrop, Glenorchy is the perfect low-key antidote of Queenstown. The perfect place for the adventure junkies, this place provides you the best opportunities for water and adventure sports such as kayaking, horse-riding or jet-boating in the alluring lake in its close proximity. The mountainous region in the northern end of the Lake Wakatipu is an ideal setting for some of the South Island’s finest tramps. Running with gravel roads, you will witness some of the most bewitching farmlands fringed by the mystical mountains earning it the title of a heaven in disguise! Not connected to the mainland Queenstown by any public transport, the only two ways to travel down the road is by either hiring a private taxi, or driving down to the place, both taking less than an hour to reach.

3. Cardona

A sleepy little hamlet presently, Cardona touched the heights during the time period of 1870s. The perfect winter destination in the vicinity, it is the perfect place to plan a day trip during the winter season, thanks to the vast skiing opportunities present here. Snuggled in the foothills of the mountain range, Queenstown provides you with the pristine view of several snowy peaks, especially visible from the Crown Range Road joining Cardona and Queenstown, making it the most scenic drives of the Southern Island. One of the must visit places in the vicinity is the Pisa Conservation Area giving you the chance to witness the tall, swaying tussock grass through the several short walking trails. With the most beautiful road connecting the two towns, it is highly recommended to drive to the place taking 45mins of road time. For the people preferring the public transport, the Line 6 Bus takes you to the place in an hour’s time.

4. Wanaka

Snuggled in the shadow of the towering mountains, Wanaka houses the most tranquil set of the Southern Island lakes. One of the major attractions in the place is the Lake Wanaka, which successfully combines the warmth of the small town essence to the international holiday destination experience. A majorly pedestrian town, try a walk around the place where you can explore the various beautiful nooks and crannies of the place. A popular winter destination, the activities running through the year include fishing, hiking, cannoning, climbing and skydiving. Another one of the driving recommended destination, drive down to Wanaka on the picturesque road in an hour. For those who prefer the public transport, there is an availability of bus shuttling between the two places taking 1h 45mins.

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