Best Day Trips from Philadelphia

Best Day Trips from Philadelphia

Best Day Trips from Philadelphia

The grandeur and cultural richness of a big city coupled with a small town charm, “Philly” is mostly rightly known as America’s birthplace! Ornate architecture, state of the art public squares and contempo music, food and art scene- Philadelphia travel blogs speak about all things touristy!

But the list of fantastic things to see and do in Philadelphia doesn't end within the boundaries of Philadelphia. Here are some ideas of places to visit while exploring the best day trips from Philadelphia:

1. Princeton

The low-key gateway from the scenery of Philadelphia is the town of Princeton. The town is best known for its heritage culture due to its significance in Revolution and also has great shopping and gastronomic avenues to explore. While in the town- eat at PJ's Pancake House and The Bent Spoon, drink at Ivy inn or at Alchemist and Barrister, and stroll at Princeton University and Terhune Orchards. Princeton is 1-hour ride away from Philadelphia. Car, taxi, bus, train are all available for hiring easily.

2. Long Beach Island

A day out from the city does not only mean only exploration; you can also laze around on a sandy beach with serene waters in the front. Long Beach is the perfect destination if you want to spend your day watching the sunset, picnicking on the island and going for thundering surf. The surrounding towns of the Long Beach Island offer limitless options for dining and shopping. But if you just want to spend some quality time on a ship then go for Schooner's Wharf! Long Beach Island is 1h 15m away from Philadelphia and can easily be reached via bus or drive.

3. Atlantic City

Atlantic City is the perfect destination for all those who love to party hard! The town is full of roaring casinos, beaches, and spas and has been the 2nd biggest Casino destination. Eat the exceptional Japanese cuisine at Izakaya or Italian at Tony's Baltimore grill; go out for drinks at Boogie Nights or #BarWithNoName, amuse yourself with Steel Pier, climb the Absecon Lighthouse and shop discounted items at Tanger Outlets. But just don't leave before walking the Atlantic City Boardwalk while trying the famous Saltwater taffy. Atlantic City takes 1h 10m to reach from Philadelphia via bus or drive.

4. Baltimore

Baltimore is one of the well-known day trips from Philadelphia. Visit the harbor, appreciate the street arts and performances, enjoy Mr. Trash Wheel, watch boats float by, and your day will be worth! Don't forget to visit the Baltimore Aquarium and stroll around Oriole's field. Baltimore is 1h 10m drive via train, bus or hired taxi from Philadelphia.

5. Wilmington

Located in the Brandywine Valley, Wilmington is an amazing place to spot a perfect blend of urban lifestyle and historical culture. The town owes its rich culture to du Pont family and now has become an attractive town for the tourists. The main attractions in Wilmington are- Delaware Art Museum, Winterthur Museum, Gardens, and Library. Shop tax-free at Christiana Mall, spend time at Riverfront Wilmington and move towards Frawley Stadium for some baseball match. It takes 40 minutes from Philadelphia to reach Wilmington via train, bus, uber, taxi or drive.

6. Lancaster County

Lancaster County has many options to keep you occupied all through the day. The place houses Pennsylvania Dutch cultures including Amish, Mennonites, etc. The rolling farmlands along with the windmills are the things which are setting Amish farms aside from any other. If you visit any village like Bird-in-Hand you can shop some antiques and taste the local food. Do visit the Amish village to experience its unique lifestyle and Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania for railway artifacts. Philadelphia and Lancaster County are connected to each other via train or car which takes generally 1h 15m to reach either way.

7. Rickett's Glen State Park

Bored of meandering around the cities full of bustling sounds? Then head towards Rickett's Glen State Park for some adventure and fresh air! This beautiful park has many trails for your hiking purpose, rich wildlife for your photography, scenic views like waterfalls or lake, horseback riding, and at last fishing. Whatever you plan to do, be ready for a tiresome day yet adventurous! The destination can easily be reached in 2h 45m either by taking a bus or a car from Philadelphia.

The region near Philadelphia has a lot to offer to add on to your trip. So don't miss the chance to explore everything while in the town!

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