Best Day Trips from Perth

Best Day Trips from Perth

Best Day Trips from Perth

From its bewitchingly haunting deserts, rich wildlife islands, agricultural bounty of the Swan Valley and Margaret River to of course it’s shinning and gleaming beaches, Perth is definitely one of the most beautiful capitals. Though usually considered as one of the world's most isolated capital cities, but just stepping out of its premises, you will witness a dazzling array of the natural wonders. With striking rock formations rising above the golden-sand deserts, to the wildflowers erupting from the scorched earth in awe inspiring hues, the place will provide you enough opportunities to get inspired by the nature. Another aspect of the place is the wealth in wildlife, giving you chances to witness wild dolphins, spot humpback whales and sea lions and of course the quokkas. In a place as dynamic as Perth, leaving is the last thing on people's mind. However, for the people who are keen about exploring beyond the walls, here is a list of the best day trips you can plan from Perth:

1. Mandurah

Trying to shrug off its fusty retirement-haven image, Mandurah is now trying to reinvent itself as a beautiful, posh beach-resort, thanks to its new train link from the Perth's Public-transport network. You can simply spend your entire day here wandering along the waterfront from the Ocean Marina, admiring past the Venetian Canal right up to the Bridge Quarter. With a wide profusion boats, cafes, markets, eateries, cinema, visitor centre, arts centre, this is one place you cannot afford to miss. Some of the major sights in the region, Yalgorup National Park, Peel Zoo, Just 4 Fun Aqua Park, Mandurah Community Museum, King Carnival, Eastern Foreshore Playground, Tourist Fun Train Company, Len Howard Conservation Park, Abingdon Miniature Village, Amaze Miniature Park, Cantwell Park, Lake Clifton Thrombolites, Mandurah War Memorial, Caterpillar Park, Quarry Park and Dawesville Foreshore Reverse and Bortolo Park. Located at a distance of 71 km from Perth, the best way to travel is to take bus taking 20mins of travelling time. Other options include taxis and cars taking a little less than an hour.

2. Rottnest Island

Though located barely 60 km of distance from Perth by ferry, entering Rottnest Island is like taking a residence in another land, a land of tropical essence captured by water on all ends. Known for its cute little quokkas and beautiful beaches, Rottnest Island is home to some of the most beautiful islands located off the West Australian coast along with a precious collection of beautiful flora and fauna at your fingertips, just heaving to be explored. Along with this, this will be a paradise for people who enjoy outdoor activities and don’t mind trying a hand at everything from swimming, diving and boating to golf, archery and even skydiving, ideas that are enough to fuel the adrenaline-hungry, thrill seeking generation. Though it provides you excellent accommodation as well, it is an excellent option for a day trip. One of the best ways to travel the distance is choosing the train & ferry taking you a total travel time of about 3 hours. Other options include Line 549 bus & ferry taking you 3 hours and taxi & car ferry taking 2 hours.

3. Serpentine Falls

If you happen to find yourself in Perth and if you love to see water fall from a height, Serpentine Falls is absolute must visit destination. Nestled in the heart of the Serpentine National Park, these falls are located at a mere distance of 90 minutes. One of the best weekend getaways and day trip planning, counted among the centrepieces of the national park, it is one of most popular attraction for tourists and localities alike, giving them a chance to shed off the boredom of their corporate life. Profuse with massive granite cliff faces, circumscribed by a beautiful forestland, this place is one of the most ethereal presence on the face of the Earth. Apart from the waterfall itself, there is plenty you can witness including hiking, observing the local fauna and bird-watching. If you have the time to spend in the night time, this is an excellent for absolutely glamorous stargazing. The best way to travel is to hire a taxi or drive down taking about 40mins of travel time. Another option includes a bus taking a total 1h 45min of road time.

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