Best Day Trips from Pattaya

Best Day Trips from Pattaya

Best Day Trips from Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand’s most famous destination for its wide stretch of beaches, turquoise sea, exciting nightlife, and delicious Thai food, attracts a huge pool of tourists every year, mostly for its notorious reputation garnered over the time. A perfect holiday destination, it has something for everyone whether you are seeking some spine-tickling adventure or just a pure chill-out vacay. Every evening, the city lits alive with hundreds of bars on the streets, along with the night market vendors that try to lure in tourists with their souvenirs and delicious smell of local delicacies wafting through the air.

There are plenty of activities to keep you at your toes in Pattaya. And apparently, being well connected with the neighbouring islands and towns lets you indulge in varied forms of entertainment sources there too. So, as you begin to plan your Thailand itinerary, make sure to include these best day trips from Pattaya:

1. Coral Islands

Beyond the overcrowded and overdeveloped beaches of Pattaya lays this small piece of heaven; Coral Islands, also known by its Thai name Koh Larn, is a peaceful isle with a long stretch of pristine beaches and azure glistening sea. Far from commercialisation, it lures out beach bums and anyone who is jaded by hardcore partying in Pattaya. Gifted with numerous stunning shores and natural beauty, it makes for a perfect place to spend a lazy day relaxing on sun loungers and getting a pretty tan on. For the more energetic ones, there are plenty of water sports activities to engage in like paragliding, jet skiing, or banana boat etc. You can also spend some time fishing and can even have your catch cooked and served to you fresh. The island also boasts some excellent snorkelling opportunities in the clear waters. Coral Island’s close proximity to Pattaya makes it an excellent option for a day trip. There are frequent ferries operating from Pattaya at regular intervals that get you there in less than an hour’s time.

2. Koh Samet

Once a backpacker’s haven, today Koh Samet’s charm is much widely known among all kinds of tourist circuits. Its expansive turquoise sea with white sand beaches and a throbbing nightlife experience pulls in hundreds of tourists and locals on weekends around the holiday season. Beachside barbecue parties and fire shows are held almost every night, and during the day, you can spend your time in one of the many beachside massage parlours overlooking the sea and enjoy a nice massage. Like many other islands of Thailand, this isle also hosts plenty of water sports activities for the adrenaline junkies. Alternatively, if you are looking to spend some time away from the crowds, then head on to the southern side of island, a more secluded part with a no. of hidden beaches that can be found with a keen eye and a will to explore. Koh Samet is situated just a couple hour bus ride away from Pattaya and a 40-minute ferry ride from Ban Phe Pier.

3. Khao Yai National Park

One of the Thailand’s most visited and oldest national park, Khao Yai National Park is a paradise for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts! Home to one of the largest monsoon forests still intact in mainland Asia is the reason why it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The lush green tropical forests are full of rich flora and fauna, breathtaking waterfalls such as Grand Haew Narok waterfalls with more than 300 bird species living there, and pleasant weather luring plenty of travellers throughout the year. With elephants freely roaming around and monkeys idling here and there in the forests, it truly makes an extraordinary trip for everyone! There is also an option of enjoying this park’s stunning aerial scenery through cable car rides that takes you to the top. To experience this raw natural beauty, all you need to do is board a bus or take a cab from Pattaya and you get there in approximately 4 hours.

4. Koh Si Chang

A tiny and magical island, Koh Si Chang is surprisingly untouched by the tourism sector. The picturesque island, known for being a small fishing village, is far away from the hustle & bustle of the tourist packed cities like Bangkok and Pattaya. The slow-paced life and tranquil environment makes it a heaven in disguise. Away from the crowds, this is an isle that depicts the true culture and heritage of Thailand with its numerous historical relics all around the town, like the Giant Buddha, the only copy of Buddha’s footprint and the Chinese temple. With only one main beach in town which is also relatively empty on weekdays, it also offers a no. of water sports activities like jet ski, kayaking and snorkelling. The island is traffic free and can be explored on foot with the help of ever so polite and helpful locals. To visit this island, you need to first catch a bus to Sriracha and from there you can take a ferry, cab, or tuk-tuk to reach Koh Si Chang. The whole trip takes under 2 hours depending on the mode of transport.

5. Bangkok

The shimmering lights, floating markets, the best nightlife and sprawling malls, you won’t need much time to figure out why it is the premium vacation destination for EVERYONE around the world. The best Thai food can be experienced at every street corner for cheap bucks, with different flavours exploding in your mouth at the same time. Every shopaholic’s haven, Bangkok boasts mega malls and street markets with 1000’s of retail stores selling the trendiest of stuffs. Not to mention the insane debauchery that it is famous for all around the globe! Other than that, beautiful temples all around the city still keeping the culture and heritage of the place intact, thus making it one of the most visited cities in world! The best thing is you can visit Bangkok from Pattaya by just hopping on a bus and you will reach here in just 2-3 hours.

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