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5 Best Day Trips From Paris

Paris Day Trips

The mystifying smile of Mona Lisa, the monumental Eiffel tower, the enigmatic pyramid of the Louvre along with scores of cathedrals and museums, Paris is a place that can tantalize all your senses. A city of legacies, lights, luxuries and love, Paris today stands as a city flourishing with art, tourism, culture. However, the city may astound you with its abundance in architecture and heritage, but it’s the finer aspects of the city like the cobbled pathways, the quaint boutiques, the celebration and preservation of its culture which truly enchants you and makes Paris truly unique. In fact, just as this French jewel is richly endowed in assets, so are its neighboring towns. Take a walk through the various neighborhoods outside of Paris and you will find that it has something for everyone! Check out these 5 best day trips from Paris to know more:

Mont Saint Michel a highly recommended place to visit from Paris on a day trip
1. Mont Saint Michel

Vast mud flats give way to the rise of the rocky island of Mont Saint Michel, a gorgeous piece of atoll in the northwestern part of Normandy. The city looks like a construction of medieval structures stacked over one another, with the Abbey of Mont Saint Michel crowning atop. A rugged causeway connects the island with the mainland, which turns into a muddy sandbar in low tide season and can easily be crossed by foot.There are no direct trains or buses from Paris to Mont Saint Michel. So for a day trip from Paris, the best mode of commutation would be to reach Pontorson by train, and then cover the last leg of your journey by bus.

2. Loire Valley

The spectacular villages, sprawling vineyards and picturesque landscapes of the Loire Valley justify to the splendor and gastronomy you seek while visiting France. This fertile river valley is ornate with hundreds of extravagant fortresses, thanks to all those kings, queens and dukes who established their feudal castles and pleasure palaces in this neighborhood. From defense fortresses to opulent country manors, these Chateaux draw thousands of tourists every year. Don’t miss the popular ones like Amboise, Rivau, Chinnon, Chambord and Chenonceau. To reach the valley for a one day trip from Paris, you need an hour if traveling by train, and two hours if driving your way through the panoramic countryside.

Loire Valley a best location for a day trip from Paris
Visit to Versailles from is highly recommended for a day tour from Paris
3. Versailles

A trip to France is incomplete without a day well spent at Versailles. Located immediate southwest of Paris, its star attraction is the Palace of Versailles. There are very few palaces in the world that can stand a chance compared to the opulence and offerings of this grandiose spire. Works by Leonardo da Vinci, the Hall of Mirrors, fascinating statuary, picturesque walkways and carefully beautified grounds make the place a perfect location for a day trip. Versailles is conveniently connected to Paris by Metro and bus services. A road trip is another great option to reach the destination.

4. Fontainebleau

To seek an alternative to Versailles and a respite from extreme tourist hustle, Fontainebleau turns out to be a perfect day trip from Paris. Located in a former Royal forest, the gigantic Palace of Fontainebleau awaits historylovers with its 1500 rooms of French magnificence! With architecture equally as rich as that of Versailles (even more!) and grounds gorgeously manicured, Fontainebleau is also home to a lot of nice food shops and cafes. Take a horse drawn carriage ride around the palace or try your hands at a hot-air balloon ride to see this opulently low-key town from up above. If done with the palace charm, take a stroll in its expansive forest areas. Fontainebleau is a mere 45 minute journey by train. Even the car ride doesn’t cost more than an hour to reach from Paris to Versailles.

Fontainebleau is the best place to visit for a day trip from Paris for history lovers
Giverny an ideal choice for a day trip from Paris
5. Giverny

A wonderful place to unravel especially during summer and spring, Giverny owes its fame to Monet’s impeccable Water Lily paintings. While walking across his home and gardens in this town, you would actually feel like living in one of his paintings! For nature and serenity seekers, this place is an absolute bliss! For a day trip from Paris, A train journey gets you from Paris to Vernon in about 45 minutes. From there, Giverny is about 4 km away. You can even rent a taxi to reach the place on time while indulging in beautiful landscapes.