Best Day trips from Oslo

Best Day Trips from Oslo

Best Day trips from Oslo

Oslo, a beyond gorgeous Scandinavian jewel that is more popular for its excruciatingly expensive living, has all the reasons to feel heavy on your pocket. This beautiful, bustling and Boho Norwegian city is a literal slice of heaven. Nestled amidst majestic mountains and the sea, Oslo sets standards for impeccable architecture and stunning waterfronts. Besides the natural endowments, it houses everything one can dream to unwind, from fjords and festivals to street art and skiing, not to mention the amazing food! In fact, the outskirts of this city are as magnificent as the city itself. From sightseeing to country destinations, there’s something for every traveling palate. So if seeking a Norwegian vacation, check out these best day trips in and around Oslo:

1. Lillehammer

This charming town to the south-east of Norway overflows with ecstasy and wonder. Ideal for both adrenaline and leisure, Lillehammer is equally frequented by thrill-seekers for its outdoor activities and peace-lovers for its absolute serenity. Summer travelers indulge in fishing in Mesna River and hiking on Hafjell. In winters, tourists indulge in Skiing, Sleigh riding and Dog sledding. To reach Lillehammer, you can catch a train from Oslo, available every hour. It takes you two hours to reach the destination. Besides, for the love of cars, you can even hit the road on highway E6.

2. Lake Mjosa

As you head north from Oslo, you reach the greatest Norwegian Lake, Mjosa. Engulfed in rich history and gorgeous vistas, there are many wonderful landscapes – forested hills, fields and farmlands around the lake. Fishing lovers flock to this area for excellent harvests. An amazing way to explore this side would with Skibladner, world’s oldest Paddle Steamer. Sailing across Mjosa in summers, this voyage sails between many idyllic towns of Norway. You can reach Lake Mjosa after an hour drive from Oslo city.

3. Drobak Christmas Town

To the East of Oslo Fjord lies this picturesque ancient neighborhood of Drobak. It is one of those travel-back-in-time towns with a maze of 18th century cobbled streets and small wooden houses. The Father Christmas Post Office (with the special Santa Claus Stamp) and Tregarrden Christmas House give it that perfect, Christmas Town setting, the one you seek at the North Pole. Just outside of Drobsk, over a tiny atoll, is the Oscarsborg Fortress, which can be reached with a 5minute ferry from Sjotorget. During summers, you can take a ferry from Oslo to reach Drobak. Other than that, regular buses run from Oslo to Drobak city center, which take half an hour to reach your destination.

4. Bærums Verk

With over 50 shops, handicraft workshops, art galleries, restros and cafes, this cute little place is sure to take your heart away! Earlier known for the ironworks, this refurbished shopping village gets set to party on Saturday nights, when a plethora of activities like live music, kids’ entertainment and markets play their schedules. Try an open fire sweet treat in one of its Dutch-inspired Pancake Houses; it is an absolute delight especially in the winter time. Prefer to visit around Christmas, when the whole village is lit up like a fairytale; frozen rivers, outdoor markets, the aroma of roasted chestnuts and adorable reindeer rides create magic in Bærums! A 40 minute bus ride from downtown Oslo gets you to this charming and picturesque land of Bærums Verk.

5. Fredrikstad

This town is home to the best preserved and insanely beautiful fortress town of Scandinavia: Gamlebyen. That combined with the up and coming waterfront district just across River Glomma creates a perfect spot for a day trip. Earlier a significant trading centre with fortification of walls and moats that date back to the 17th century, Fredrikstad is now replete with arts and crafts, designer shops, furniture, food and curiosities. Hourly trains depart from Oslo to get you to Oslo. Gamlebyen, the historic town is then just a 20 minute walk from there.