Best Day trips from Nice

Best Day Trips from Nice

Best Day trips from Nice

A maze of real-city grit, old-world opulence, everlasting sunshine and stunning seaside location, Nice justifies its name by being one of the most popular tourist destinations. Combining the authentic charm and conviviality of the Mediterranean, Nice is a city of history, culture, art, creation, events, leisure, nature, and culinary flavours- all under one umbrella. However, your trip to Côte d'Azur just can't be complete without visiting some of the best tourist attractions lying in close proximity to Nice. Replete with elegant architecture and deep blue seas, here is the list to some of the best day trips from Nice:

1. Monaco

Monaco qualifies for a perfect fairytale setting, lying just by the Mediterranean Sea. With a wide range of unique characteristics including a royal family from the Grimaldi dynasty, its own language known as Monegasque and original culinary specialities, Monaco is one place you just can't afford to miss on your trip to nice. One of the most distinctive feature of Monaco is the picturesque harbour brimmed with luxurious yachts belonging to the affluent classes. Another noteworthy place in the vicinity is the Palais Princier, boasting the authenticity of the time of the blue bloods. Finally, shove away the hectic schedule and bask in the Lavartto Beach sun. One of the best ways to reach Monaco is by bus that takes about 45 minutes to reach the destination. Taxis and Cars are other options to get you in time.

2. Saint-Paul de Vence

Majestically perched on a hill overlooking the Provence countryside, Saint-Paul de Vence is a typical ancient village near Nice. The town retaining its medieval charms offers you a peek-a-boo into the well-preserved circle of 16th-century ramparts. Having been built in the 14th century in the Romanesque style highlighted by the Baroque Chapel of Saint Clement, the Collegiate Church is a must visit place. The beauty of the town can be best experienced by wandering in the narrow cobblestone streets that wind through the village, witnessing plenteous delightful fountains, pleasant squares, and colourful art galleries. Just a 30 minute car ride away, the best way to travel is drive on the beautiful road up to Saint Paul de Vence. For non drivers, there are main public buses running to and fro, taking 45 minutes to 1 hour.

3. Eze

Another typical Euro medieval village, Eze is the epitome of "village perché" clinging to the edge of a steep conical rock. Known as "nid d'aigle" by the locals (meaning eagle's nest), this village has a very dramatic location lying about 427 meters above the Mediterranean Sea. Home to some of the most beautiful sights of sunsets and sunrises, Eze has the cultural integrity in the form of Church Belfry and the ruins of the ancient fortress visible from a great distance. However, the best way to experience the village is by taking a stroll through the charming cobblestone streets and alleyways that exhibit cute little boutiques and small courtyards. There are three ways to get from Nice to Eze; a car ride taking about 30 minutes and buses taking around 40 minutes. But the best and most offbeat way is by hiring a bike that would take an hour and a half but provide you with a breath of fresh air.

4. Antibes

Having the tranquillity and the traditional atmosphere of an old city, the town of Antibes is the perfect-postcard destination located in the southern portion of France. Playing the source of inspiration for many famous artists, this city by the sea is infused in history and culture. Replete with beautiful natural setting of pine groves and sea views, along with 16th-century ramparts clustering around the old town of narrow cobbled streets, Antibes boasts an interesting cultural heritage. Walking around the medieval downtown is easy and fun, but you can also rent a bike to get an easier access to the hilly neighbourhoods. The best way to reach the town from nice is to take a train, costing you duration of about 30 minutes. Or you even opt for a drive along the coastline.