Best Day Trips from Naples

Best Day Trips from Naples

Best Day Trips from Naples

Welcome to Italy’s most unlikely masterpiece, Naples! A raw, high on energy city, Naples has random and unexpected conversations and an inimitable elegance. It is a place of extraordinary culture assets which includes 2 Royal Palaces, 3 castles and a bunch of ruins. Find some legendary masterpieces at Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano and Palazzo Reale Di Capodimate. Naples is also blessed with rich volcanic soil, a beautiful sea and it is here in Naples that you get the best pasta, pizza and espresso in the entirety of Italy! Home to most appetising street market, almost every eatery in the city celebrates food and is all about pleasure and intensity. These same streets also home a number of boutiques and workshops, selling everything you wish for. From clothes to gourmet local food and wine, the skinny streets of Naples has got everything you need!

One of the biggest reasons to visit Naples other than its own rich culture is to unwind the beautiful landscapes in the surrounding regions of Italy. Seaside escapes, palaces, volcanoes, and some world famous archaeological sites rest in close proximity to Naples. There is something for everyone to enjoy and all in easy reach from the main city. So to make the most of your trip to Italy, check out the best day trips from Naples:

1. Pompeii

A morning hike up Mt. Vesuvius, the volatile volcano is what explains Pompeii in a single line! The 30 minutes’ walk along this steep path is fun with friends and family. Even if you don’t see the babbling lava, you get to gawk at the stunning view across the Bay of Naples. It is a ride of 30-45 minutes from Naples to Pompeii via public transport. You can take the EAV bus from Naples to Pompeii. Alternatively, trains take about 30 minutes while road trips would get you there in barely 20-25 minutes.

2. Sorrento

This sun soaked paradise has an old world charm to it. Shopping streets of the Old Town, leather goods, limoncella and the famous island woods define Sorrento in one line! An elevator takes you to Marina Piccolo and the bustling beach clubs. You can also go to Maring Grande’s fishing village to get some peace of mind. The seasonal express trains from Naples leaves at every half n hour and the ride take like 45-90 minutes. Ferries also run from Naples Molo Beverello Port.

3. Capri

It is the most popular day trip from Naples. Capri is a luxurious island and a paradise on Earth. The Blue Coretta is its most famous site in Capri. Escape to Augustus Garden with views of Faraglioni Rocks. Not only the beauty, you get high end designer products, amazing perfumes and jewellery here! Adventure seekers can go for a hike, take a chairlift up Monte Solaro for some breathtaking, stunning views or simply soak in the divine beauty of this atoll. To reach Capri, catch a boat to Capri from Naples Molo Beverello Harbour. The ride is of about 40 minutes.

4. Ischia

A less explored but beautiful neighbour to Capri, this is a volcanic land and is famous for its thermal baths, hot springs and warm mud. Other thing to enjoy in Ischia is the La Mortella Garden which is filled with plants which shines in Ischia’s soil and climate. It takes a 40 minutes boat ride from Naples Molo Berevella Harbour.

5. Amalfi

This little piece of heaven is famous for being the most beautiful drive in the world! Amalfi is perfect for wandering around in the streets and hiking in the best trails of Italy. The coastline comprises of a bunch of vibrant villages and renders the most stunning views in Italy. To reach Amalfi, take the Circumvesuviana Napoli-Sorrento line to Sorrento, and then buy a bus ticket to Amalfi at the station.

6. Herculaneum

Herculaneum, again, is a place with ruins, but should make its way to your list for being a quiet getaway from Naples. This day trip is of a manageable size and has got impressive site displays. Being very close to Pompeii, a lot of tourists try to team it with the city, but that can be hectic. To reach here, take the Circumvesuviana train to Ercolano Scavi Station.

There is a whole world to explore around Naples. So grab your camera for the stunning scenery, leave a lot of space in your bag and leave all your stress at home! Food here is something that celebrates life!

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