Best Day Trips from Nadi, Fiji

Best Day Trips from Nadi, Fiji

Best Day Trips from Nadi, Fiji

Nadi, having the main airport of Fiji's largest island-Viti Levu, is the perfect destination to kick-start your trip to Fiji. Fiji travel is profuse with the aroma of best delicious cuisines, different international brands for shopping, the breath-taking views of the tropical rainforest and religious integrity.

What’s more awesome is that Nadi, one of the best tourist attractions in Fiji, provides easy access to many other destinations of Fiji. So plan you travel itinerary to Fiji while including these best day trips from Nadi, Fiji:

1. Malamala Island

The island houses Fiji's first beach club, The Malamala beach club. This luxurious club is famous among travelers for its white sand beaches, deep serene ocean, high towering coconut trees and relaxing pools. Though, the island is tiny, the view from here is the epitome of the best Pacific island views! The water surrounding the island is rich in marine life, thus rendering the perfect opportunity to have a tete-a-tete with reef shark while snorkeling. The island can be reached by ferry or the speedboat from Port Denarau in Nadi. It takes hardly 30 minutes to get to Malamala Island.

2. Castaway Island

The Castaway island is one which only welcomes 20 people in a day, to maintain the sanctity and peace. Hospitality at this resort is immaculate with luxurious accommodations, and supports all the amenities found in a 5 star property. The whole island is covered with tropical rainforest, resonant coral reefs and azure watered ocean, thus becoming the perfect setting to enjoy while on a vacation. The only transport available to get you to this private island is from Denarau port via ferry, which takes 3 hours to drop the passenger on the location.

3. Savala Island

A paradise for the tourists in Fiji, Savala Island gives you the local flavor of Fiji and chills from the cold water of the ocean. While on the beach, stand on the paddleboard, take a plunge into the water either with snorkeling and kayaking, have the best seafood and relax on the beach with the mask on! Savala Island and Nadi are connected through the road trail covered by buses from Nadi. Regular buses take about 45-50 minutes to drop the tourists on Savala Island. Also, the island can be easily accessible via Denarau with a ferry.

4. Denarau

The island of Denarau boasts 8 stunning resorts, tranquil beaches and also an 18-hole championship golf course. The location and setting of the island makes it a focal point for corporate events and sporting activities. The comfortable accommodation, delicious cuisines, adventurous sports and world-class swimming pools make the destination one of the best day trips from Nadi! Fiji international jazz and blues festival is hosted here on Denarau Island annually. So, get ready for the fiesta and siesta of Denarau! The island is pretty close to Nadi. Just book a taxi and get ready to hop on the island in within 20 minutes.

5. Lautoka

The second largest city of Fiji, Lautoka is a sugar land having the largest sugar crushing operation and is also known for its fine pine plantation. The City has the best colors of Fiji, green parks, wide avenues and towering palms. The best attractions of Lautoka are Vitogo Parade, Fiji sugar corporation and Lautoka market, a lively market which is second in size in Fiji and Churchill Park. From Nadi, you can go to Lautoka via local bus or rented taxi within 30 minutes. Local buses leave Nadi market for Lautoka market from Monday to Saturday only.

6. Viseisei

The oldest settlement in Fiji, as claimed by locals, Viseisei rules the best day trips from Nadi. The great canoe Kaunitoni came and the first Fijians landed here. And, as the story goes, they dispersed to other islands. Like this, there are many more stories associated with this place. So, to turn the pages of history and know the origin of Fiji, Viseisei provides the best opportunity. Don't forget to explore the dreaded Degei's mysterious cave above Rakiraki to get the chills of the place. Hire a taxi with a driver or opt for self-driving, both can take you to the isles of this village in 20 minutes times.

Nadi acts as a hub to reach out to other beautiful and scenic places of Fiji. The place gives an all-around experience of what Fiji is all about- its picturesque sceneries, rich history, its flavors and inherited culture. So get ready to take a dip!

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