Best Day Trips from Muscat

Best Day Trips from Muscat

Best Day Trips from Muscat

The Sultanate of Oman, Muscat recently opened to tourism and promises some spectacular destinations to the tourists of every budget. Muscat being the capital of Oman is worth a vacation and is wonderfully embedded with Omani cultural, natural wonders, divine islands, copper-colored cliffs, turquoise rivers, sandy deserts, and great architecture. All these locations are scattered in and around Muscat.

So here are some of the best day trips to plan while in Muscat:

1. Wadi Shab

The most magnificent gorge of Oman sultanate is Wadi Shab, located in Al Sharqiyah region. You need to hike through the mountains, stroll alongside the river and swim across the waters to reach the main source of water and cave. The clear turquoise waterfall in the cave tempts the person to dive just right in after an hour of hiking. The surrounding view of upright palm trees and towering yellowish mountains give a perfect picture for your eyes to remember. The place is worth a dive! Wadi Shab is 1hour 30minutes ride away from Muscat. Rental cars and taxis are easily available for the journey.

2. Jabal Shams

The Grand Canyon of Arabia, Jabal Shams is located few meters away from Muscat. Therefore, it makes one of the best arranged day trips from the capital. Jabal Shams is the highest point of the Al Hajar Mountains. It is the first place where the sun rises in the whole of Oman, as believed by natives! Indeed, the sunrise from here is as breath-taking as the nearby villages and towns. Though, having the two summits, only the southern summit of Jabal Shams is accessible to the public, as the northern one has a military base on it. The canyon is 2hours 30minutes away from Muscat with a taxi or a self driven car.

3. Al Dakhiliyah

This region of Oman houses some of the best castles and forts that are adequately well refurbished and preserved. The place also showcases Nizwa, the biggest inland town which is known for Nizwa fort and its local market. Apart from this, Al Dakhikiyah also has many attractions like Jabrin castle and Bahal fort. The region holds the quaint aroma of history and deeply rooted culture which makes the trip the best excursion. Nizwa in Al Dakhiliyah takes one and a half hour to reach from Muscat via taxi or drive, while Jabrin is about 1 hour and 45minutes away from the same base via taxi or drive.

4. Jabal Akhdar

Jabal Akhdar, meaning the green mountains, stands up to its name if compared to the whole country. To beat the heat and escape the busy life of Muscat, Jabal Akhdar is the perfect place to rush to. The mountains are calm and serene and are known for its plantation and honey bees. The nearby villages and towns are worth a visit while visiting the mountains. Jabal Akhdar is 2 hours’ drive via a rented car or taxi from Muscat.

5. Al Batinah

This region is best known for its buildings and architecture. Al Batinah is in the northern part of Oman and is one among the top day trips from the capital. The best tourist attractions of the place are Nakhal Fort and Al Hazm castle. The Nakhal Fort has many pages of history behind it and contains scenic views of the oasis. Alin all, Al Batinah trip is a real legendary excursion! It takes 1hour 15minutes from Muscat to reach Nakhal Fort, Al Batinah via taxi or drive. Car for rents and taxis are easily available in Muscat.

5. Wadi Bani Awf

In the Wilayat Al Rustaq lies one of the mesmerizing Wadis of Oman- Wadi Bani Awf. The place isn't a single attraction, but encompasses a wide range of destinations including the Snake Canyon. Also, while going here, the journey offers some amazing views of stunning canyons and cliffs along with the best known Balad Sayat village. The track of the Wadi starts from Al Tikhah village and while covering the track with a car, you will come across some amazing and interesting rocks. The place is best for the geologists to impart their knowledge! Muscat and Wadi Bani Awf are connected to each other via taxi or car which takes 1 hour 50 minutes to reach either way.

The high sand dunes and clear-blue water along with the preserved fortresses and castles, Muscat is the best place to wander around while on a holiday. So, get yourself ready to explore the labyrinths of the country!

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