Best Day trips from Munich

Best Day Trips from Munich

Best Day trips from Munich

Snuggled up against the fringes of the Bavarian Alps, right by the River Isar, Munich is the third largest city in Germany. Known for its fine selection of churches including the Renaissance church and the Romanesque period churches, the large open square, the Marienplatz is one place you will find history oozing from every nook and corner. Also, known for a wide variety of parks, Munich, in itself a destination worth-a-while. However, your Germany trip cannot be complete without taking trips to the treasure that the neighbouring places have to offer. While experiencing the rich heritage culture of the German city, here is the list of the best day trips from Munich:

1. Neuschwanstein and Linderhof

Known as Ludwig’s fairy tale castle, Neuschwansteinis is set on a hill above the village (and castle) of Hohenschwangau. One of the most visited castles in Europe; it is also famous for its use as a model for Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland by Walt Disney. With spectacular views and a wide collection of artwork on the walls, Neuschwansteinis would surely take your breath away! After visiting this place, you can move on to Linderhof, the only castle out of three that Ludwig completed in his lifetime. Some of the places of special interest in the place include the Hall of Mirrors and the Peacock Bedroom. The best way of commutation is through train, taking you around 4 hours of travelling time. One of the fastest ways to reach is to drive the way costing 2 hours.

2. Rothenburg ob der Taube

With a wide range of options in the town, Rothenburg is famous for being the most authentic town of Germany. Used as model town in the World War II, this village still maintains the image of an ideal doll town to the world today. Germany's best shopping avenue, Rothenburg showcases abundant lovely prints, carvings, wine glasses, Christmas-tree ornaments, and beer steins- everything you can use as souvenirs for your friends back home. With the winds of history polishing half-timbered gables and blowing through the grooves of centuries of horse carts, Rothenburg is a magnet for the natives and the tourists overseas. There are three options for the travel to the place, train taking an average of 3hours, while car and buses costing approximately 2 hour and 30 minutes.

3. Eagle's Nest and Berchtesgaden

Famous for being Hitler's retreat, Eagle's Nest was built by Martin Bormann for the celebration of Fuhrer's 50th birthday. Having survived the World War II, this place is now converted into a restaurant; that along with the neighbouring town of Berchtesgaden is a popular destination for the tourists. This drop-dead gorgeous location on the borders of Bavaria is dark steeped into myths and legends. Spend some time along the pristine Koniggsee, Germany’s most photogenic water body. Overall, this tiny village is a haven for hiking circuits. The best ways to travel to Eagle's nest is to take the special bus, costing you approximately 3 hours of travel. Another way of travelling is to drive to the place taking 2 hour 20 minute of commutation time. But for thrill seekers and early birds, nothing beats a trek experience right up to the mountain peak.

4. Zugspitze Peak

Giving you the pristine view of 360° over the 400 alpine, lying on the surface of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, Zugspitze peak is the highest peak of Germany. From experiencing the thrill of a glacier walk to tobogganing on the natural snow track, this souring peak is the ideal destination for snow lovers. Another attraction in progress to open in December 2017 is the cable car, giving the visitors a rare opportunity to witness the technical masterpiece in the making and experience Germany’s most spectacular building site at first hand. Located at a distance of 117kms from Munich, this can be either travelled by train taking approximately 4 hours of travel time or driving the way costing you approximately 2 hours.