Best Day Trips from Mumbai

Best Day Trips from Mumbai

Best Day Trips from Mumbai

Mumbai, the soul of India, the commercial, industrial and entertainment nerve centre of this subcontinent, is unarguably a mine that has produced countless diamonds. Euphemized as “Mayanagri”, is a very fast city with people toiling day and night to support their families. And when the concept of ‘all work and no play’ makes them dull and frustrated, they sort to one of the countless weekend getaways sprawling around the city.

Even tourists who have completed the so called Mumbai Darshan and still have time up their sleeves can visit these locations, which are in close setting to Mumbai but don’t have hustling atmosphere. Following are a bunch of places that can be visited by locals/tourists who want to get rejuvenated, get laid back and have a nice time:

1. The Elephanta Caves

Elephanta iIsland can be reached via a 50-minute boat ride from the Gateway of India, a historical site stationed in South Mumbai. Aging back almost to the 5th to 8th century, the caves have been inspired by the Portuguese who built the front entrance out of a rock in the shape of an elephant, hence the name. You are bound to stand slack-jawed here, looking at the finesse with which the craftsmen did their job; they accomplished the hefty task of cutting such beautiful temples and statues out of dead rocks, making it the tourist hotspot that it is today. The caves are now a UNESCO world heritage site dedicated to the Hindu God of Destruction, Shiva. So, if you are up for an enigmatic journey to a world heritage site, look no further! You can reach Colaba from Mumbai by boarding bus or taxi via Eastern Freeway or catch a local train to Church Gate. From there, take the ferry to the island from the Gateway of India.

2. Monari Island

Monari is more of a small village cum island. Rightfully known as “Mini Goa” for the ambience has been built to matchup with the party capital of the country, the beach parties run here in full flow after dark, eliminating the restrictions of the authorities that are posed in bars. Though the waters are not clean enough to take a bath or enjoy adventure sports to the fullest, but it’s still a decent option for people who have got only a day off from work and cannot head to distant places. A perfect backpacking location for tourists, it is a place where one can swing on hammock while sipping onto coconut water. The spiritually inclined will find Samudreshwar temple located in the village. Monari is accessible by both road and rail. You can book a cab and reach via Western Express Highway. As the place is only 38 kilometres from Mumbai one can prefer taking the train from Dadar as well.

3. Naneghat Pass

Naneghat, a small town with a rich history but now lies in ruins, is a hilly terrain pass along the Western Ghats. This feature has made it a perfect trekking location for one-day trips near Mumbai. Level of difficulty here varies from moderate to tough, so it is best to take all the necessary safety measures before going all groggy at the mountain. The pass was once a very busy trade route and has many caves with inscriptions all over them. Those seeking debauchery and a loud, reveling night may find it boring. The place is actually meant for peace seekers who don’t mind enjoying a cup of tea while sitting at the top of the mountain. In order to get here from Mumbai, you have to take a 4-hour long drive via NH61 as no other direct trains can get you here.

4. Matheran

Probably the smallest hill station there could be, this 100% pedestrian village bears an ideal setting at a distance of 90 km from Mumbai. With a vastly thick timberland spread and the same integrity for years now, it has a wide variety of attractions for both peace seekers and adrenaline junkies. Go zip lining across the valley to get some spine-tickling fun, or visit the 1000 feet high Honeymoon point to enjoy some hilarious echoing. To reach Matheran, reach Neral via a 2 hour car ride, or maybe a train. From there, take the toy train to Matheran, which is roughly at a distance of 11 km.

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