Best Day trips from Moscow

Best Day Trips from Moscow

Best Day trips from Moscow

To describe Moscow, one can use a lot of paradoxical dead ringers such as uncomfortable and charming, filthy rich and desperately poor, fast-paced and lethargic, trendy and kitschy- and a lot more all at the same time. The image that the world's largest capital draws up must be something majestic and impressive, since the place boasts a great historical value, and each nook and corner that you plan to visit will inculcate the fact deeper within. While experiencing the artistry, history and sublimity all within the boundaries, convincing your-self to leave the place might turn hard. However for the complete Russian experience, here are some of the best day trips you can plan from Moscow:

1. Suzdal

A surreal sparkling gem in the Golden Ring, Suzdal is undoubtedly one of the ones you wouldn't want to miss. Carpeted with green fields topped with dandelions and a gentle slow river curling lazily, Suzdal will definitely make you revisit the perfect picnic destinations you read in novels. Along with this, it boasts a historic town centre with the sunlight bouncing off the domes of the golden churches which, along with the sound of the horse clops and the church bells, will help you traverse to a Russian storybook setting. A monastic centre and an important commercial hub in the past, Suzdal is preserving its idyllic character for future visitors. Located at a distance of roughly 250 kms from Moscow, the most comfortable and quick commutation is through a train with an average rail time of 2h 15mins. Other options that you can opt for include buses taking 5h 30mins and cars taking 3h 15mins.

2. Sergiev Posad

Abounding with cupolas offset by snow-white walls, Sergiev Posad is snuggled at the heart of the Russian perception of divinity and monastery. One of the holiest places in Russia, Sergiev Posad was founded in 1340 by St. Sergius of Rodanezh, the country's most revered saint. Though the monastery went through immense turmoil, it reopened following WWII as a museum, as well as residence of the patriarch and a working monastery. A point of interest for tourists as well as the pilgrims, Sergiev Posad might be the most religious place you come across in Russia. One of the best modes of transport is the train taking 1h 30mins of travel time. Other options include buses taking 2h 30mins and cars taking 1 hour of road time.

3. Rostov-Veliky

Tinted in the delicate shade of pink as the sun sets, the impregnable walls and the perfectly proportioned towers of Rostov-Veliky rising above the shimmering waters of Lake Nero has attracted people towards itself since times immemorial. A sleepy village-like town, it is one of the most interesting and ancient cities present on the Golden Ring having the prettiest Kremlin of the entire tourist route. A great day trip from Moscow, though not as established a tourist destination, the provincial charm of the place makes up for the lack of infrastructure. Located at a distance of 215 kms from Moscow, the fastest travel can be made with through the rails taking the commutation while of 4 hours. Other options include buses taking 4h 15mins and cars taking a little over 3 hours.

4. Vladimir

The dawn of the 12th century saw Vladimir become the cradle of the famous Russian history, beginning its reign of glory. An ideal starting point for the Golden Ring tour, Vladimir homes a cluster of centrally located UNESCO listed sights and beguiling river-valley panoramas enough to lure your heart away. Often looked over by most tourists, this town has taken a rather industrial path in the today’s world. For the history lovers, this place has a clutch of famous cathedrals and churches depicting the power and glory of the past that Vladimir housed. Complete with breathtaking sights and the bustle of the administrative side of the centre, Vladimir definitely deserves a day in y our itinerary. Keeping in mind the day trip aspect, the best option for a comfortable journey you can opt is the train taking 1h 45min of rail time. The other options include buses taking 5h 30mins and the cars taking 2h 45mins of road time for the same distance.