Best Day trips from Milan

Best Day Trips from Milan

Best Day trips from Milan

A fast-paced metropolitan city, Milan is Italy’s future that majorly thrives on innovation and creativity. A popular destination for vacationers for all the right reasons, Milan is home to many mesmerising churches, beautiful world-class museums, and grand plazas. Always been synonymous to fashion, it is from here that Italy gained global recognition for its much-adored fashion industry. With streets full of high-end fashion boutiques, if you can afford to break your bank, then sky is the limit here. Just similar to its charm for the newest wrinkle, its cuisine also boasts a result of rich urban culture here. With countless eateries here, you can spend your day eating delicious saffron risotto with a glass of crisp wine. We know that there is a lot to see and do in Milan. But when you exhaust your list of things to do or want to take a break from the overly populated city, there are great places located around Milan. Its strategic location and amazingly well connected railway system makes it possible to take plenty of day trips to nearby towns and lakes. Hence, we prepared a list of some of them you must visit in case you decide to take these best day trips from Milan:

1. Lake Como

Tucked away amidst the northern Italian Alps lays this small piece of paradise called Lake Como. Crisp air, pristine sapphire water, and mind-blowing mountain views, it is everything that you have ever imagined in Italy! The picturesque lake’s shoreline is dotted with some postcard worthy villages and exquisite villas, things that have made Lake Como a playground for the powerful and wealthy. The beautiful gardens and impressive cathedrals have continued to inspire many artists and travellers over several decades. One of the best ways to explore its beauty is, of course, by taking out a boat early morning and appreciating those snow-covered Alps or the colourful villages surrounding it. For a better view, you can take a short ride on the funicular railway from here to the village of Brunate and treat your eyes with an eye-popping panoramic view of the lake. Away from the busy city life, Lake Como is an idyllic destination for a leisurely getaway where you can stroll in one of the many narrow streets and while indulging in gelato or wine or both maybe! Located at a distance of about 85 km from Milan, the best option to reach Lake Como is via train from Milan that hardly takes less than an hour to cover the distance. You can even drive by yourself or maybe rent a car that would get you there in 1h 45 m.

2. Turin

Turin must be one of the Italy’s most underrated cities. Still far away from travellers’ radar, this one is mostly ignored in lieu of other famous destinations such as Rome or Venice. Mostly associated with automobile industry now, this city is where the founder of Fiat built his empire. But, don’t even for a moment think that it has nothing else to offer. It’s a true royal city of Italy and its grandeur can be reflected in several Palaces around the city such as Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Carignano, and then there is La Venaria, Turin’s equivalent of Versailles. Being a part of Italy, it is only given that there are some iconic cafes here and unsurprisingly, Turin has the most number of historic cafes still in operation today where you can taste the literary and revolutionary atmosphere of 19th century! If you are a hardcore chocolate fan, then you absolutely cannot commit the sin of missing out on this city while visiting Italy! Home to a chocolate fair which last for whopping 10 days, Turin is a Mecca for every chocoholic where you can almost taste it in the air or every other shop in its promenade! Taking just under a couple of hours via train from Milan, Turin is easily accessible and definitely shouldn’t be missed. You can even cover this 145 km of distance by road, taking about 2 hours to reach.

3. Florence

Though Florence is a major holiday spot and needs more than just a day to explore it, but, even then if you get only a day here, you really shouldn’t miss on the cake! Very few cities are there who are of a tiny size yet are packed with extraordinary places and things to visit and experience! The birthplace of Renaissance, Florence is an utterly romantic, enticing, and a dreamy city where world class art and gourmet cuisine meet to explode in your senses and provide an experience of a kind. The city has several wine producing and family owned farms due to which, drinking wine is not only expected but mandatory! Home to various global fashion brands such as Gucci and narrow streets lined with haute-couture boutiques, it seems as Florence is only getting more stylish and trendy with time. Like fashion here, sky also changes its colour and mood with every sunrise and sunset. With soft hues of pink and calm shades of orange as well as serene blue, even sunsets are more a piece of art here. Florence is not just a city; it’s more of an experience. And, with Milan’s good railway system, you can visit it in just under two hours. However, if you are a wagon freak and wish to cover the distance by road, then make sure to be an early bird and begin your journey early, as cars and taxis take about 3h 45m to get you there.

4. Venice

It’s almost a shame to not visit Venice when in Italy, even if it is barely for a day. A supremely romantic destination, Venice is an exquisite city where you can stroll alongside miles and miles of canals. Then there is the fact that Venice’s main street is its Grand Canal where you travel between the streets on boats and will provide a beautiful view of the city. The grand churches and museums in every corner here have that allure which attracts millions of tourists to its doorstep every year. A city of artists, here you can find many locally owned boutiques where you can find red carpet worthy shoes, silk scarves, and jewellery perfect to woo every women’s heart. So, make sure you don’t miss out on this fairy tale city where love is always in the air. All you need to do to reach here is to board a train from Milan and in short span of 2.5 hours you will arrive at your destination. Alternatively, you can go for a 3 hour long drive to sip in the beauty of the journey!