Best Day Trips from Melbourne

Best Day Trips from Melbourne

Best Day Trips from Melbourne

A perfect combination of dynamic and cosmopolitan, Melbourne is a proud sporting and cultural capital of Australia. The most European part of the continent, it is a modern metropolis steeped in history. A city with many secrets, Melbourne is a place where high built buildings meet the ocean. Nicknamed as the 'Marvellous Melbourne', Melbourne is exactly the kinda place where you will get a collection of rush, majestic spires with Victorian architecture, hidden laneways, grand tree-lined streets, city gardens and parklands, making it a perfect mix of vibrant elegant and multicultural. But it wouldn’t do justice to the trip if you don’t explore beyond the walls of Melbourne. Here is a rundown of the best day trips you can plan from Melbourne:

1. Healesville

A popular day out and weekend getaway spot, Healesville is located on the western edge of the Yarra Valley, the perfect place for the food and wine lovers. However there is a lot more of Healesville than what you will see in your glass. One of the major attractions in the place is the Healesville Sanctuary, the beautiful home of 200 species of Australian wildlife exhibited in open-air and open range places for the people to witness. Another well frequented spot is the TarraWarra Museum, one of the hidden gems of the Yarra Valley housing significant collections of modern Australian art. Located at a distance of 65 km from Melbourne, the most time efficient option would be to hire a cab or drive to the place in less than an hour. Other options include buses taking 1h 20min and train-bus taking 2h 15mins.

2. Phillip Island

If you seek wildlife, wild surf and wild coastlines, Phillip Island is the perfect place. Replete with spectacular cliff-top walking trails, Phillip Island is a place which will provide you with the opportunity to interact with nature in the most raw, unscathed form. Fast bikes and penguins are two of the biggest selling points of the place. Another than that, the place is alive with short-tailed shearwaters and of course, the popular Artfusion and Koala Conservation Centre where you can observe the koala in their wild habitat. Located at the distance of 140 km, the most comfortable journey can be observed by train taking 4 hours time. Other options include buses taking 3h 45mins or cars taking 1h 45mins.

3. Queenscliff

The confluence of the salty maritime character with the Victoria's most picturesque streetscapes, the historic Queenscliff is nirvana for music lovers, with the Queenscliff Music Festival being held at various locations around this beautiful historic town. Along with this, Queenscliff provides you with some of the most surreal views from 32 meters above the shore. One of the greatest attractions in the place is the Maritime centre, a place where you enter the underwater world of the creatures living in Victoria's waterways. The transformation of this fishing village into a popular seaside resort is not one you would want to miss. The most preferred mode of transport of the people is the train taking 3 hours of travel time. Other options include buses 4h 30mins and the cars taking 1h 20mins of road while.

4. Lorne

Thanks to its glory of being a perfect resort town for the globetrotters, it is complained to be a tad overdeveloped. However when you step into the place, you will witness the charms of the place running from 19th century still in the backdrop. If observed beyond the main strip of the place, you will witness the incredible natural beauty Lorne boasts. Complete with tall old gum trees line its hilly streets, and Loutit Bay gleams irresistibly! A perfect summer holiday destination, you will have to compete for restaurants with the day trippers. Though a place thronged by tourist, Lorne continues to be as lovely even with hordes of people. Distanced from Melbourne by 138kms, the most preferred mode of transport is train & bus taking 3h 25mins of journey time. Other options include buses taking 4h 54mins and cars taking 1h 47mins of total road time.

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