Best Day trips from Medellin

Best Day Trips from Medellin

Best Day trips from Medellin

Once known as the most dangerous city on the earth, Medellin has now gained grounds and successfully reinvented itself into a hipster holiday destination! Formerly a capital of drug cartels and mobs, the citizens of Medellin have gladly reclaimed their city back, and after almost a decade, it is brimming with exciting architecture, verdant parks, and crazy creative & entrepreneurial zest. Its pleasant weather all around the year has rightly earned its nickname- The City of Eternal Spring! Located in a valley gorgeously circumscribed by mountains, this Columbian pearl is a perfect destination for travellers seeking a culturally rich experience. Medellin’s natural beauty and location also make a great setting for outdoor activities like zip lining, horseback riding, and hiking. Visit Parque de Los Pies Descalzos and you will be pleasantly surprised to find that adults and children walk and play in this Zen-inspired park barefoot and you can also soak up your feet and relax. This is just one of the many incredibly innovative ideas which has changed the face of Medellin and brought a plenty of tourists here as well as also brought local communities together. However, if you have spent enough time in Medellin and are in desperate need of change, then there are quite a number of places you can visit that are just few hours away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Following is a list of day trips you can make from Medellin:

1. Gutape

Gutape, a small lakeside town situated 2 hours east of Medellin, is undoubtedly the most preferred location for day trips from Medellin. A serene and peaceful town surrounded by green hills, fresh water lakes, and a towering yet stunning El Penol rock, here you get a chance to ascend to the 740 steps monolith to view the most breathtaking view of bright crystalline lakes, beautiful country landscape, and lush greenery of Gutape! After descending from there, explore the colourful and vibrant streets of the town; the neon coloured homes and shops, and beautiful stone reliefs are surely a refreshing change from the city! The lake runs parallel to the main road lined with boats, kayaks, and even a zip line. Weekends are abuzz with energy with many local street vendors stationing themselves by the lake and creating a small bazaar for tourists. To reach Gutape, you can take a bus or rent a car. Both will take approximately a couple of hours to reach there from Medellin.

2. Jardin

The most beautiful town in Antioquia, Jardin is a delightful little colonial town huddled in the green valleys of coffee plantations. If you are one of those caffeine- addicted travellers, then this quaint town is mandatory to be in your top priority list. Surrounded with coffee plantations that cling to the slopes of magnificent, lush green mountains, you get to experience the heavenly taste of true, authentic Columbian coffee. If you are an avid bird watcher, then do make a visit to the Andean Clock-Of-The-Rock Reserve to enjoy famous sighting of elusive birds. The whole town is vastly delightful, especially in the evening with locals coming out to hang out for a beer or coffee. Enjoy the aerial view of the whole town by riding in the cable car or maybe the zip lining parallel to it. Alternatively, you can also roam around the whole city on a horseback doing some sightseeing the old school style. Jardin is an extremely charming town and you must pay it a visit when you go to Medellin. Buses run from Medellin to Jardin and take almost 4 hours to reach there.

3. Santa Fe de Antioquia

Located approximately an hour away, Santa Fe de Antioquia is known for its splendid and still preserved colonial architecture. It is a highly recommended and visited by both locals and foreigners. The town still has that old world charm with narrow cobblestone streets, whitewashed single storey houses and beautiful churches. One of the main attractions is Puente de Occidente Bridge over the Cauca River. It is one of the finest examples of the Columbian engineering and truly a sight to be beheld. A tad hotter than Medellin, it is quite a favourite town with locals flocking to it on weekends frequently. Have a lazy day here and enjoy this old town, you can’t go wrong with it! You can take no. of buses to reach here and it will take you an hour and 15 minutes journey.

4. San Rafael

Just starting to get recognised by international tourism now, San Rafael has largely been a hidden paradise. More tropical in nature, the town is at a stone throw distance from the green leafy jungles, picturesque waterfalls and Caribbean style aqua swimming holes; truly a perfect place to get in touch with nature. Rent a bike and go around the town experiencing local lifestyle or you can also go for a hike; the town has quite a few hiking trails. The good thing about San Rafael is that it is not hugely crowded by tourists and is still a long way to being a commercialised town. So enjoy it till it lasts! It is just an hour away from Gutape and 3 hours away from Medellin. You can either take a bus or even rent a bike from Gutape if your adrenaline junkie takes over!

5. Cocorna

A lesser known tourist destination, Cocorna is couple hours away from Medellin, but it is definitely worth visiting because of its adventure sports! Especially, if you are looking to have the coolest experience of paragliding, then Cocorna is for you. Enjoy the aerial view of the lush green town or maybe take a stroll near a waterfall in jungle; the awesomeness of this area never ceases to amaze you! Rent a bus from Medellin or you can also take a car. It will take you an hour and 45 minutes at most to reach there.