Best Day Trips from Maui Meadows

Best Day Trips from Maui Meadows

Best Day Trips from Maui Meadows

Right in nature's lap, Maui is the city of lush green wonderland, stunning mountains, and serene beaches. The island is the second largest island of Hawaii having the plethora of diversity for the tourists to enjoy like coves full of corals, surfing spots, and local coastal communities.

Close enough to Maui Meadows lay wonderful pristine beaches, hot volcanoes, historical monument, and culture significant places. So, why not take your travel bag out and go for some amazing day trips in and out Maui. Some of the best destinations are:-

1. Maluaka & Molokini

If you wish to swim with the colorful Hawaiian marine life then Maluaka beach or popularly known as turtle town should be the next stop on your map. The underwater kingdom of turtle town is full of coral reefs, beautiful lava-formed rocks, and the friendly Green Sea turtle. Molokini is the submerged volcanic carter where you can easily get perfect photographs of 250 inhabitant marine species. Both the places are easily accessed and also the unmissable destinations! Molokini is 45m away from Maui Meadows and only direct route is via taxi, drive, bus and uber are available. To the way to Molokini, you can take a stop at Maluaka beach.

2. Haleakala National Park

Take a hike to the summit of an inactive volcano of Maui! Haleakala National park allows you to take this 30-miles long adrenaline-rushed hike with the sights of Hawaiian beauty. The best time to start the journey is with the break of dawn under the orange sky and ends it with the billions of glittering stars to gaze. You can easily get into Haleakala national park via taxi, bus, drive or uber after 40 minutes of travel.

3. Hana

The most scenic and jaw-dropping road trip available in the Hawaiian Islands is the road running from northern coast of Maui to the small town of Hana. The whole journey will be no less than a rollercoaster ride filled with beautiful stretches having the view of the ocean, sparkling waterfalls, and dense rainforest. It is suggested to rent your own car so that you can marvel the view more closely and enjoy nature's gift. Enjoy the scenic road to Hana from Maui which would take around 1h 30m to cover via taxi or drive.

4. Lao Valley State Monument

Looking for a perfect getaway from Maui's surrounding then Lao Valley State Monument is the next perfect destination as a day trip from Maui Meadows. This 4000 acres rainforest area showcases some of the geographical marvels. The main highlight of the park is ‘Lao Needle' which is a volcanic spire overlooking the flora and fauna of the park and has a height of around 1200 feet. Lao valley state monument is the destination which can be reached in 35 minutes from Maui via taxi, drive, bus or uber.

5. Ho'okipa Beach Park

You can easily find all the beach lovers relaxing at Ho'okipa Beach Park but the main attraction of the destination is the adventurous oceanic sports. The town hosts Red bull and Aloha surf competition because of the very fact that it has best waves in the whole Hawaiian Islands. Ho'okipa Beach Park is 35 minutes drive away from the Maui city. You can hire a taxi, rent a car for self-drive, catch a bus or book an uber to reach.

6. Kipahulu

Kipahulu makes one of the best day trips from Maui. The district is named for its archeological sites, sparkling waterfalls, pools and oceanic views. The unique routes to the rainforest are the main highlight of the district. The main attractions among the trails are- Pipiwai, Kuloa Point, and Kahaki trails. Do visit the seven sacred pools and take a dip for some refreshing vibes! Getting here is easy. You just have to rent a car or book an uber from Maui to Kipahulu and it would take 1h 45m to reach.

7. ‘Ulalena

To connect with the Hawaiian roots, ‘Ulalena is among the best day trip from Maui Meadows. The town depicts the story of monarchy and civilization through its theatre, traditional music, dance, and mythology. You can reach ‘ulalena via taxi, drive or uber easily. From Maui, it would take around 50 minutes to enjoy the destination.

From the great depths of beaches to the fascinating monuments, Maui has it all within its reach. So, fly to Maui for your next trip and travel to some wonderful places to checklist your Hawaiian to-do list.

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