Best Day Trips from Male-Maldives

Best Day Trips from Male-Maldives

Best Day Trips from Male-Maldives

The sprawling capital of Maldives, Male is a pint-sized, throbbing, commercial heart of the nation. The real Maldives far away from the resorts and infinity pools, Male is heavily urbane and quite built up. Colourful houses, tall buildings, communal atmosphere, and a relaxed environment make it a great choice for a holiday. The gastronomical ride here can be quite a ride, with a no. of quirky cafes and cosmopolitan dining restaurants, and street vendors offering the best of Maldives. With it being a 100% Muslim Country, alcohol is prohibited. However, you can consume some in international hotel bars or maybe privately in your room. There are few amazing places to visit in Male like The President’s Palace, Mulee Aage, or the National Museum and the Golden- Domed Friday mosque.

For an amazing city that it is, Male offers an authentic feel of actual Maldivian life. However, there is not much to do there. The best thing about the isle is its great connectivity with the nearby islands. There are public ferries riding to and fro from Male to nearby islands that you must visit to indulge in various activities such as diving and snorkelling. So following is a short list of islands which makes for a great day trip from Male:

1. Villingili

A short boat ride away from Male, Villingili is worlds apart from the crowded capital. Lush green vegetation, wide open streets, calm environment, it is a much needed respite from the urbane city of Male. The island that used to be a resort has two local beaches with tranquil environment and turquoise waters. Island’s excellent house reef also makes it a heaven for snorkelers, besides hosting an exotic marine life and colourful fishes like surgeon fish, butterfly fish and plenty more. The best way to explore Villingili is by foot as there are fewer options for a drive here. But it being a small isle, strolling your way through can actually be a pleasant experience. Locals are quite welcoming and would be happy to help you; almost every evening they gather together at the beach to enjoy a barbecue meal. However, it should be noted that alcohol consumption in public is banned here. But besides that, this is an amazing place to experience authentic lifestyle of locals. To reach here all you need to do is take a public ferry from Male which will hardly take 10 minutes.

2. Hulhumale

Hulhumale Island existence is bound to baffle you as this island is an artificial one, engineered for the sole purpose to solve housing crisis in its sister island Male and making way for future development project. A perfect blend of urban and island life, Hulhumale is much less crowded and more peaceful than Male. There is also a beautiful beach which, as a matter of fact, is man-made but surely doesn’t look like one. With azure waters, golden sands and freshly planted trees, the beach manages to capture your attention. There are a no. of restaurants and cafes along with a buzzing nightlife. With wide open roads, there is always an option to explore this quaint island on a bike or on foot. Visit the golden glass dome, a huge mosque located in the centre of the island; its design is nothing like you would have seen in all of Maldives. Visit this and just experience the peace and calm environment here. Hulhumale is just a 25 minutes ferry ride away from Male.

3. Dhigurah

One of the most underrated islands here, Dhigurah should definitely be on your list if you are one of those travellers who crave for the lesser known places. There is not much info about this island on the internet, so it is definitely going to take you by surprise. The best thing about Dhigurah is that it’s 2/3rd of island is still covered in natural Maldivian forest, therefore offering the most authentic experience of Maldives forest life. Being one of the few places where you can spot whale sharks, you can opt for a diving experience to indulge in a swim with manta rays, guitar sharks, eagle ray schools, rare sea turtles, colourful fishes and coral reef. Apart from this, enjoy a walk in the jungle while exploring the hidden beautiful corners and wild vegetation, all things set to make for a refreshing experience. Near the island there is a sandbank perfect for having a romantic picnic or dinner with your loved one. The best way to reach here is by a speedboat from Male, taking about 2 hours.

4. Fulidhoo

If you want an ultimate relaxed and quiet day at a beach, then Fulidhoo is your calling! It’s a very tiny island located just 55 km away from Male. This sleepy and quaint island surpasses every other island in terms of beauty, with it being thinly populated and less popular amongst the tourist circuit. Once you are on beach, it feels like as if you are the only ones there; so get set to have a whole beach to yourself literally! Good news for all the adventure babies, Fulidhoo is an incredible spot for scuba diving with all those shenanigans like certified divers. Apart from this, you can also indulge in jet skis, kayaking in the clear blue waters, or snorkelling. And a piece of surprise, all these adventures and activities can fit in perfectly even if you are on a shoestring budget. While it may not be brochure pristine, this island will end up being the highlight of your trip! You can reach there on a speedboat, but it being a pricy affair if not time consuming, you can take a cheaper option and travel through ferries which will take 3 hours-double the time almost.

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