Best Day Trips from Malaga

Best Day Trips from Malaga

Best Day Trips from Malaga

The Port city of Malaga, situated on Costa del Sol is best known for its artistic culture. Offering inspiring paintings, shining beaches, best food delicacies and everything you can think of with its rich heritage and cultural influence, Malaga becomes the most bewitching town in Spain!

Also, the location of the town favors most of the best day trips that can be arranged. Whether you want to relax on a beach, hike a couple of mountains, stroll around the narrow streets, taste the fine food or praise the architecture, all can be done while in Malaga. Here are few places to check out as best day trips from Malaga:

1. Gibraltar

Gibraltar, located on the southern part of Spain, is known for the unison of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. The place is also best known for tax-free shopping, monkey studded nature reserve, historic caves, and fine food taste. To the top of The Rock, you can take a cable car or walk the steps to get amazing views of the African coast. While here, don't forget to catch glimpses of a bunch of whales or dolphins, the star attractions here. From Malaga to Gibraltar, you can go for rideshare or rent a car to visit the city. You can reach in about 1 hour 50 minutes.

2. Nerja

A popular beach town, Nerja makes a part of wonderful day trips from Malaga. The town lies on the Costa del Sol and its promenade offer some spectacular view of vast Mediterranean Sea. Also, the beauty of mountains like Sierra Almijara, Tejeda and Almira can be seen easily from here. The cobblestoned streets, serene beaches, Moorish architecture, and airy weather, all add to the beauty of Nerja. Not only this, Nerja houses world's largest stalagmites in its caves along with the cave paintings. You can reach from Malaga to Nerja in just 40 minutes via ridesharing, personal taxi or car. Also, you can catch the bus which takes around 1.5 hours to drop at the location.

3. Marbella

Marbella is the city where sophistication lies! This glamourous town meets the high-end luxurious demands of tourists. Stunning beaches, world-class shopping, vast golf course, and roaring nightlife are some highlighting features of the place. And if you are looking for some history, then also you are at right place. While strolling under the Spanish sun, Marbella can take you along the history and leave you at its old Moorish town. Just pitch in Plaza De Los Naranjos for delicious restaurants and upscale boutiques! There are various options to reach Marbella in just 1 hour. You can catch a bus, go for ridesharing, or hire a taxi, car or an Uber.

4. Antequera

Antequera, the medieval village is known for its Moorish-Spanish-Roman architectural design. To best visit the town dine in some local restaurant and go around the churches and famed dolmens. Best known tourist’s spots are archaeological site Sistine chapel, El Torcal nature reserve, and karst landscape. This destination can be reached from Malaga in 40 minutes via taxi or drive. But if looking for cheaper transport you can either go for a bus, a train or a ridesharing.

5. Seville

Being the best day trip, Andalusia capital Seville enchants many tourists to visit it. Santa Cruz barrio, being the main place of Seville, houses many wonderful fiesta options, tapas bars, flamenco shows, and interesting museums. Being the Christopher Columbus' final resting place Cathedral of Seville is next most visited place in Seville. Other attractions are- astounding Alcazar and historical Plaza De Espana. The journey time between the two stops is of 2h 20m. Either you can catch a train or a bus or even can avail ridesharing or hire a car.

6. Frigiliana

Andalusia is best known for whitewashed towns and Frigiliana is best among them. This town has white houses with red roofs which paints the canvas of the town beautifully. Strolling around the labyrinths of town on white flanked streets, you can stumble upon some amazing cafes. While in the city check out the historic quarter of Mudejar and drink the fine tasted wines along with tapas. To reach the town of Frigiliana you have to either hire a taxi or rent a car for a direct route. It will take around 40 minutes to reach the destination.

Mid-size town of Andalusia region, Malaga is a best starting point to travel the southern part of Spain. The towns around it are worth going for!

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