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Best Day Trips From Madrid

Madrid day tours & excursions:

A beguiling place bursting with sheer energy, Madrid is one place that teaches the world how to live. An art lover's retreat, the local and international art collection of Madrid is almost unparalleled around the world. Also emerged as one of the culinary capitals of Europe, the city has wholeheartedly embraced all the creativity and innovation of Spain’s gastronomic revolution. Complete with the sedate charms of fine art and fine dining, along with being a monumental wonder in architecture, who would want to leave a place of the sort? The strategic location of the place also makes it an amazing base to explore the rest of Spain. Here is a rundown of the best day trips you can choose from a short distance of the Golden metropolis:

1. Segovia

The place holding a mystical whiff of legend about it, Segovia is claimed to be founded by Hercules or by the son of Noah. Another fact advocating the grandeur of the place is the unprecedented monument of the soaring aqueduct still holding strong grounds in the centre of the city. The beauty of architecture inspired artists like Walt Disney to base the fairytales in the lands of Segovia. Do you think justice will be done if you finish your visit to Spain without visiting this place? For a day trip from Madrid, one of the fastest ways to travel the distance between the two cities is to take a train, costing you an average travel time of half an hour. Other options include taking a bus and reaching Segovia in an hour of travel time while cars and cabs taking 1h 15min for the same distance.

2. Toledo

Built on a hillside, Toledo is an ancient city that is just made for strolling cobblestone streets. Known as the 'City of Three Cultures' during the Middle Ages, the legend states that Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities peacefully coexisted. With deep rooted cultural roots, some of the most compelling attractions in the place include Horseshoearched mosques, Sephardic synagogues and one of Spain’s finest Gothic cathedrals cram into its dense historical core. Another pioneer in the field of art, some of the most famous pieces include haunting canvases of El Greco. With such countless endowments, Toledo tops the charts of day trips from Madrid. Located at a distance of about 70 kms from Madrid, the best way to travel to Toledo is through a train, taking half an hour to reach your destination. Other options include going by a bus taking 1 hour or driving the way through in 50 minutes.

3. El Escorial

Complete with a royal palace, a school and a museum and the world renowned monastery, El Escorial was built in the 16th century under an architect who worked on St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome to make an indelible mark in the world showing Spain’s influence on the Christian world. A retreat for the history and architectural enthusiasts, El Escorial is the most popular day trips from Madrid thanks to the large number of local trains running every day. Largely flocked by archaeologists and historians, El Escorial also renders a great educational experience to the kids. Covering the distance in the shortest time, the fastest route is 44 minutes, trains is the common favourite for the commutation. Other options for one day trip from Madrid involve buses taking 1 hour, and cars taking 52min.

4. Cuenca

Offering one of the most extraordinary sights complete with forts dating back to a number of centuries, Cuenca is one of those places that offer both natural and architectural richness to its visitors. If old world charm and authenticity is what you seek from your vacation, then Cuenca is bound to be on your bucket list. Housing everything you would hope for in a typical European town, Cuenca has been a part of many historical movies as well. One of the famous tourist attractions include Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Gracia, dating back to the 12th century. One of the other wonders in the list involves Valle de los Caidos also known as the Valley of the Fallen. One of the most preferred modes of transport is the rails taking 1h 45min. Other options include buses taking 3hours and cars taking 1h 45 min.