Best Day Trips from Madeira

Best Day Trips from Madeira

Best Day Trips from Madeira

Madeira may not be the largest island in Europe but its size doesn’t belittle its heavenliness in any manner! The land of ‘newlyweds’ and ‘nearly deads’ owes its raw charm to an ancient volcanic activity that gave it looks to die for! This island is home to a lot of mesmerizing tourist attractions. But the capital city, Funchal, is what steals the show for the island and has a lot to see in. And cherry on top is the fact the Funchal also acts as a perfect base to cover your day trips from Madeira in the peripheral area.

So here are some of the best day trips from Funchal, Madeira:

1. Monte

One of the most unavoidable attractions on Madeira Island is Monte. Monte neighborhood is 600 meters above the sea level and offers drop-dead gorgeous views of the Bay of Funchal. A cable car ride from Funchal brings you up here and the moment you reach Monte, you get stuck with breathtaking vistas of the greens and waters, but that's just not it! Monte is also home to some of the most beautiful attractions of the Island. ‘The Monte Palace Tropical Garden’ is one of the richest places from the cultural point of view that Madeira has to offer. This garden boasts a huge collection of exotic plants from various countries. Also of note is the Igreja da Senhora do Monte (our lady of Monte church). Lastly, wander around in the Monte Basket cars and get postcard-perfect pictures of your trip to Portugal. The best way to get up to Monte is the cable car ride from the old town ( Zona Vehla). The ride takes around 15 minutes and offers mesmerizing views of the city.

2. Porto Santo

Porto Santo, also referred to as the ‘Golden Beach’, is 40 km northwest of motherland Madeira. Along the island's 9 km stretch of soft white sands, you get to see some of the best luxurious hotels by the beach. Seeking a place to de-stress? Look no further, because this island's volcanic sands have long been held to have miraculous powers to heal all kinds of aches and ailments. Other than that, the island boasts a first-rate golf course, and there's horse riding, game fishing along with many more diversions. Also, if you are in any form interested in history, Porto Santo's capital Villa Baleira was once home to none other than Christopher Columbus. The most preferred way to get to Porto Santo beach is by taking a ferry from Madeira that takes around 2-2.5 hours to reach.

3. Camara de Lobos

Lying on the southeastern part of the Madeira Island is a small picturesque village located 8 km from Funchal. This location is filled with colorful boats pulled up onto the grey beaches. One of the best highlights of Camara de Lobos is the Abo Girao, which is one of the tallest cliffs in Europe and has a height of 580 meters. If you are in a mood to test your limits, climb up on the suspended glass platform (skywalk) and experience the breathtaking views of Faja do Cabo Girao and the sea. You can also experience the fishing history of Porto Santo in the Fisherman's chapel dedicated to Saint Antony. And lastly, do not forget to have a sip of tradition ‘Poncha’ in any of the bars in this village. The best way to get to the village is by a bus ride that takes not more than 20 minutes. You can also catch a taxi from Funchal to get here.

4. Calheta

This town is located around 36 km from Funchal and is one of the important places to visit in Madeira. One of the best things to do in Callheta is to check out the artificial golden sand beach. You could probably enjoy a great swim session or just sit in the Moroccan sand. Next up is the Marina, where you could participate in activities like fishing, whale and dolphin watching and much more. But the best highlight of this village is the sugar cane mill, which also has a small room inviting visitors to taste the delicacies produced by the factory, such as brandy and honey cake. The most opted way to get to Calheta from Funchal is by a bus which takes about an hour. Other ways you can opt for are a taxi or even your own car.

If you haven't been to Madeira yet, get set and go to experience some of the best sceneries of your lifetime! Travel Portugal!

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