Best Day Trips from Macau

Best Day Trips from Macau

Best Day Trips from Macau

From a city that is known as the 'Vegas of China', expectation of action and glitz is understandable, and Macau does it with extreme nonchalance! Also known as Macao, this place is the perfect culmination of fusion of East and West in terms of architecture, food and lifestyle. Known around the world for its huge casinos, Macau has earned the title among some of the world's top gambling cities. Though when we looked through the guide books, Macau may look like one big gambling den, however there is a lot more to this Chinese-Portuguese enclave than what meets the eyes. A delight for the people who enjoy historical trips, the place is flooded with beautiful places including the enchanting ruins of St. Paul's Church, A-Ma Temple and the Guia hill, claiming enough magic to take away the entirety of your day in a whoosh.

But as they say, no matter how beautiful a place is, there will come a time when you would want to explore further. For the traveller inside your itching you explore what lies beyond the boundaries of Macau, here is the help you were looking for. Choose amongst the list of the best day trips you can plan from the region according to your interests:

1. Jiangmen

A city located in the Guangdong Province, Jiangmen is probably the easiest one day trip you can plan from Macau, making it one of the most ideal options for the people who consider lethargy a lifestyle. Though mainly an administrative town looked over for being just another business-oriented place, there is a lot more to this beautiful city than what meets the eyes. One of the most elemental parts of the place is the Aofong Hill, a majestic set of mountains frilling the sea borders. Some of the other things that will account the time of your day include Kaiping Watchtowers, Kawashima style, Mei Courtyard and Fortuna Spa Resort. After roaming around the place you should head over to the Tea Hut Park, a place that is rich historically and is also popular among the people for its exquisite scenic beauty, to enjoy one of the best sunsets in the region. One of the best ways to travel is to hire a car and drive down to the place in 1 hour, which though poses a slightly expensive trip, can provide a more personalized experience. Other options include taking the bus, which will be a more budget friendly trip taking 1 hour of road while.

2. Zhongshan

The marketing and commercial centre of one of the most prosperous and densely peopled areas in China, Zhongshan is another one of the easier options of a day trips. Known among the Chinese population for its history as the birthplace of Sun Yat-Sen (Sun Zhongshan), the moniker of the place was changed in the year of 1925 to honour him after his death. Thanks to its proximity to Hong Kong and Macau, it is known as the overseas Chinese transport. A chief tourist destination and one of the popular foreign-trade ports of Guangdong, the water connections of the place will offer more than just trade. One of the most beautiful destinations architecturally, the place is laden with the subtle hints of the past of the great nation. One of the most affordable and time efficient options for the commute is the train taking a total of 30 minutes of rail time. Other options for the travel includes the bus taking 2 hours and the cars and taxis taking a total of 45 min of road time.

3. Foshan

Having been nicknamed as “Guangzhou’s little brother along with a reputed cultural life, Foshan is more an expectation than a surprise! The cradle city for the famous art of Kung Fu, the place itself is a magnet for local and foreign tourists alike. The home town of Wing chun grandmaster Ip Man and subsequently his most famous disciple superstar Bruce Lee, you cannot help but be amazed at the womb of the most exotic way of hand fight! Besides that, the place is laden with protected historical sites, ceramics and furniture shopping and nightlife, making sure that every type of person can enjoy their time in the region. Some of the must do activities in the region include- shopping at the Lecong furniture market, dinner at Foshan Lingnan Tiandi, a visit to the Ancient Nanfeng Kiln and the exploration of the Bruce Lee Paradise. The most budget friendly mode of transport includes buses taking a total time of 2h 30mins. Other options include the subway taking a total of 2h 15min of rail time or driving down to the place in 1h 30mins would be the most luxurious option being a little heavy on the pocket.

4. Guangzhou

The capital city of Guangdong, Guangzhou is probably one of the most beautiful options in the list. The itinerary for the good things in the region is very long, but it probably begins at the city centre crowing the head of the Pearl River more than 90 miles (145 km) inland from the South China Sea. The city itself is veined out by the inland rivers and also poses as their culmination point earning it the title of the main commercial and trading centres. The old Guangzhou is a crowded city made up with narrow cities and winding alleyways, which though was disrupted during the vigorous modernization programme carried out in the 1920s and 1930s, thanks to the introduction of wide streets, modern sewers, arcade construction for sidewalk shops and of course the most beautiful part of the city, its gardens. The most viable option is the bus, taking a total of 1h 30mins. Another option in the region includes the subway taking a rail time of 1h 45mins. Further options include taxis and cars costing you a road time of 1h 30mins again.

Though each of us plans a holiday our own way, to make an informed choice, make sure to match your list with ours! Happy Travels!

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