Best Day trips from Lyon

Best Day Trips from Lyon

Best Day trips from Lyon

Awash with outstanding museums, a dynamic cultural life, busy clubbing and drinking scenes, Lyon has been actively been luring people since 43 BC. The largest city in France, the region today serves as the commercial, industrial and banking powerhouse of the country, taking on the tradition of the past 500 years. Offering urban explorers a wealth of enticing experiences, try your hand at shopping in the city with a distinctly sophisticated air. Featuring abundant well preserved historical areas, Lyon plays the archetype of the heritage city, in addition to being recognised as a World Heritage Site. This vibrant metropolis will lure you in the confines and make you want to stay. To explore beyond the walls of Lyon, here is an index of the best day trips you can plan:

1. Grenoble

Complete with an availability of superb public transport system, outstanding quality of life, delicious dining and an excellent collection of museums, Grenoble is known as the 'Capital of the Alps'. Dramatically placed on the looming massifs of the Parc Naturel Régional de Chartreuse, standing on the roads you will have clear sight of the Mont Blanc. Intersected beautifully by the fast flowing River Isère, Grenoble homes a mild weather in lieu of the low elevation of its placing. The most time efficient journey can be observed in a car taking roughly an hour. Other options include train taking 1h 30mins and buses taking more or less the same time.

2. Geneva

Though often perceived as the Swiss capital, this slick Cosmopolitan is just the second largest city in Switzerland. A multilingual and multicultural place, you will find people chattering almost all the languages from around the globe, walking down the beautiful golden streets. Housing the headquarters of the World Trade Organization, World Health Organisation and the International Committee of the Red Cross, this place is no less important than any capital. If the layer of the flawless exterior is extracted, you will observe a fascination rough-cut diamond, complete with artists and activists, and drifters and denizens all together living together in harmony. The most comfortable journey between the two cities is observed by the rails taking a little less than 2 hours. Other options include buses taking 2h 15mins and cars taking 1h 30mins.

3. Marseille

Having a shady image initially complete with urban decay and often alarming crime stats, Marseille has proven to be the black sheep of the Provençal coastline. The maritime history and multiculturalism of the place is the result of the sense of optimism and self-belief. Since the stint of the 2013 as the European Capital of Culture the place sprouted a number of swanky new museums, beautiful cafes and interesting restaurants. The most time efficient mode of transport is the Train French Railways taking 1h 40mins of average rail time. Other options include buses include 4h 45min and cars taking about 3 hours.

4. Clermont- Ferrand

The hidden gem of the Auvergne region, Clermont-Ferrand is a town in the south-central France, towards the west of Lyon. No palm trees or beaches in the vicinity, but the place is still a treat worth visiting. Surrounded by 40-kilometer long chain of 80 volcanoes, you will witness the jet black 13th century cathedral made out of volcanic rock sourced from this nearby chain. This historical wealth of the city exceeds any other in vicinity, while still maintaining a handle on the modern hip and happening places. The most comfortable journey can be experienced in a train taking 2 and half hours. Other options include buses taking 2h 20mins and cars taking 1h 40mins.

5. Turin

Walking down the beautiful tree-lined boulevards, you will get a whiff of Paris and a hint of Vienna aptly observed in the stately art nouveau cafes, with the region still holding strong to its originality. The day today witnesses Turin as a booming contemporary art and architecture hub, abounding with live-music scene and innovative food and wine culture, making it one of the cities you wouldn't want to miss. One of the most comfortable journeys can be taken in a train taking near about 4 hours. Other options include buses taking 5 hours and cars taking merely 3h 15mins of average road time.

To enjoy the place to its fullest, you need to device a map of places according to you. For the proper allocation of the nightlife, match your list with ours.