Best Day trips from Lviv

Best Day Trips from Lviv

Best Day trips from Lviv

The cultural capital of Ukraine, Lviv is one of the most underrated cities of Europe. Exuding a very Central European vibe, Lviv is fondly known as ‘Little Paris of Ukraine’. If you like Prague or Budapest, then you are guaranteed to fall in love with Lviv. With fewer tourists than its counterparts in Europe, it is yet to go under mass commercialisation. So, now would be the perfect time to visit Ukraine. This hidden gem has some of the most architecturally stunning monuments that include churches, monasteries, and museums, and the reason why this city is UNESCO-listed. People here love to walk around the Rynok Square while indulging in number of cafes and restaurants here. Like most of the Western Ukraine, people here are obsessed with chocolates and coffee. Therefore, more often than not you can smell the air filled with delicious aroma of cocoa and caffeine because of rising trendy cafes here. While there is a lot to see and cover during daylights, nights here also compel you to leave your hotel rooms and party in some of the best clubs and bars of the country. With a number of themed clubs here, you can always find something quirky that is sure to give you a gentle shock. If the cobblestone streets of Lviv start to get the best of you, then there is plenty to explore just outside the city too. With some breathtaking lakes, eye-popping castles, some hiking trails, and ancient monuments, Lviv definitely has no shortage of things to see and marvel at. So, after you get your fill of the city, make sure you catch some of the following places too that can be covered in just a day’s time and are easy to reach too. Check out these best trips from Lviv:

1. Zhovkva

At the north of Lviv lays this small and cosy town of Zhovka. This cute little region has more than enough charm to transport you back to Renaissance period due to numerous historical monuments standing here. With several important historical events that took place centuries ago, Zhovka remains an historical gem of Ukraine. The magnificent town boasts the famous Zhova Castle which was a summer residence of a Polish King. This castle, which acts as a tourist magnet is utterly breathtaking, was part of town fortification system. With castles like this, centuries old churches including a UNESCO-listed wooden church, Zhovka is a perfect city to marvel at not only the country’s history but also of the whole Europe. A hassle-free trip, Zhovka is located just 25 km from north of Lviv and can be reached in 45 minutes tops. While public buses run between these two cities, the best option is to hire a taxi or minivan.

2. Synevir Lake

Formed around 10,000 years ago, Synevir Lake is one really astounding natural wonder. Considered as ‘Pearl of Carpathians’, Synevir Lake is also known Sea Eye because of a small island residing in the middle resembling a pupil of an eye. The crystal-clear waters of this popular lake serves as a getaway from monotonous city life. Surrounded by wilderness, this is one of those places which are surrounded by ancient forests of Ukraine with rare flora and fauna and abundance of mushrooms and berries. The lake never has an off season and is visited all around the year. In summer for hiking, winters for skiing, and spring for revelling in beautiful blossoming mountain plains. With many ski resorts in nearby town, you can also make a relaxing weekend out of it. With clear azure waters, serene surroundings, lush green forests, and majestic mountain range around it, Synevir Lake is a perfect day trip to rejuvenate oneself. With a 200 km distance between Lviv and Synevir Lake, the fastest way to reach there is by taxi which takes under 4 hours. This lake being a little far for a day trips expects you to begin your day early.

3. Tustan Fortress

An ancient unique monument, Tustan Fortress is a fascinating example of Old Russian architecture. Situated to the south of east near the village of Urych, Tustan is one of the most prominent natural wonders in Ukraine. With no analogues in Europe, it is estimated that it was built in IX-XIII centuries. The impressive rock structure of what remains in the fortress will leave every history buff in awe! If you are an avid trekker, then it’s a perfect place for you as the surrounding forested region provide some amazing hiking trails. Near the fort, there is also a museum where you can explore the remains and archaeological finds of this fortress. You can reach there by a bus, train, car, or taxi. While cheapest will be the bus, it will also take the longest. So, the best way to go there is via train which will take only 2 hours to cover the distance.

4. Castle Tour

Spending a day on visiting nearby castles from Lviv is the most common day trip. There are 3 castles included in this trip known as Olesko castle, Pidhirtsi castle and Zolochiv castle, and together they are known as ‘Golden Horseshoe’ route. First in this impressive list is Zolochiv Castle which is one of the most remarkable castles in Ukraine. Known to have a complex history of being a royal residence, a prison, as well as an educational history, it is an absolute mind-boggling experience exploring this castle. Next is Pidhirtsi Castle once used to be a luxurious and heavily fortified castle but, due to neglect later on it suffered major ramifications, but now is under major renovations. An intriguing sight, this castle is not to be missed. Last on this but definitely not the least is Olesko Castle, one that is built on a hill and used to be a protective fortress. Now it serves as a site of Lviv Gallery of Art having incredible pieces of art and sculptures and surrounded by magnificent landscaped huge gardens. All the 3 castles are located within 30 minutes of each other and the best way to explore them is to hire a taxi or there are several tour companies that provide their services.

5. Turin

Walking down the beautiful tree-lined boulevards, you will get a whiff of Paris and a hint of Vienna aptly observed in the stately art nouveau cafes, with the region still holding strong to its originality. The day today witnesses Turin as a booming contemporary art and architecture hub, abounding with live-music scene and innovative food and wine culture, making it one of the cities you wouldn't want to miss. One of the most comfortable journeys can be taken in a train taking near about 4 hours. Other options include buses taking 5 hours and cars taking merely 3h 15mins of average road time.

To enjoy the place to its fullest, you need to device a map of places according to you. For the proper allocation of the nightlife, match your list with ours.