Best Day trips from Luxor

Best Day Trips from Luxor

Best Day trips from Luxor

Known for the world’s greatest open-air museum, Luxor is often considered one place that words can't describe. An unparalleled scale and grandeur of the monuments that have surrounded from the ancient Thebes flowing along the city, the Nile is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful sites you have witnessed. Withholding a large collection of temples and tombs in its own boundaries, this place is scattered across the landscape is an embarrassment of riches. With the wealth and power, the place has been able to lure the Western travellers from over the end of the 18th century. While losing yourself in the mystical historical world, for the complete Egypt experience it is elemental to explore outside the boundaries of Luxor. Here is the rundown of the best places you can take a day trip from Luxor:

1. Aswan

The sunniest city of the southern edge, located 81 miles from Luxor, Aswan holds a distinct African atmosphere which almost remains unparalleled around the world. Earlier known as Syene, this town is mostly a pedestrian town, small enough to be explored on foot. While taking a stroll down the well built footpaths, you will witness the most relaxing and pious setting of the Nile around Africa. The entire day can be spent roaming up and down the Corniche watching the bobbing sailboats etching the sky with their tall masts. Almost like a poem of the fabled boat town, this is one of the places you wouldn't want to miss while on the trip to Egypt. Located at a distance of 227kms from Luxor, the fastest way to cover the distance is to either drive the way or take a cab, covering the distance in 3 hours of travelling time. Another option is the train taking 4 hours of total rail time.

2. Esna

A charming little farming town, Esna is famous worldwide for its Temple of Khnum. The temple is surrounded with several examples of 19th century with elaborate mashrabiyya. Located towards the northern side of the temple is a beautiful but torn down Ottoman Caravanserai, the Wikalat Al Gedawi, giving you a peek into its glorious past. The town is famous as a beautiful pleasant morning excursion from Luxor. Located at a meagre distance of 58.2kms, the best way to travel is through a train, though taking a slightly longer while to arrive. Another option is to take a cab or drive down to the place taking 50 minutes.

3. Qena

Perched on a huge bent of the river, Qena is located at the intersection of one of the main Nile roads. The town is major market town for the local and foreign trade of the country. Playing as a perfect base for the nearby spectacular temple complex of Dendara, Qena is one of the most charming towns itself. Holding great historical reference itself, it was the place to be on the 14th of the Islamic month of Sha’ban, when the city’s 12th-century patron saint, Abdel Rehim Al Qenawi, is celebrated. Not a very well connected place, the two modes of safe travel is either driving to the place or taking a cab both taking approximately an hour to reach the destination.

4. Edfu

The epicentre of sugar and pottery, Edfu, is a friendly and buzzing provincial centre. Looking down to the broad river valley, the greatest attraction of the place is the Temple of Horus, the completely preserved Egyptian temple after surviving the Nile floods. The perfect window to the beautiful and majestic past of Egypt, walking through the large gloomy chamber you will be overwhelmed by a sense of awe about the mysteries of ancient Egypt. Located at a distance of 110kms of the place, the best way to cover the distance is through train taking you 2 hours of rail while. Other options include taking a taxi or driving the way, both taking 1h 30min of road time.

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