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7 Best Day Trips From Lucerne

Lucerne tours and excursions

Lucerne, the capital of the canton of Lucerne, and part of the district of the same name, owes its location to the shores of Lake Lucerne. Nestled within the sight of the mounts Pilatus and Rigi in the Swiss Alps, it has long been a Mecca for dedicated wanderlusts. City’s first ever landmark, the epic Chapel Bridge, is a gorgeously quaint wooden marvel that was erected back in the 14th century! With an incredibly advanced, technologically developed and wellrun transport network that runs both the trolleybuses in Lucerne and a motor-buses’ network in the city and to neighboring municipalities, Lucerne turns out to be the perfect focal point to branch out for neighboring day trips. The city nevertheless is a traveler-pleaser, but you might not want to miss what’s around this city. So check out the best day trips from Lucerne to make the most of your vacay:

1. Mount Pilatus

One of the most legendary and breathtaking places in Central Switzerland, Mount Pilatus holds a “mandatory day trip from Lucerne” mark in travel bugs’ list. On a clear day, the mountain offers an awe-inspiring panoramic view of 73 Alpine peaks! What makes it further fascinating is the fact that it hosts the steepest railway in the world, along with a spine-tickling tramway and contempo, panoramic soundless gondolas. The views and the environmental aesthetics are sure to blow your mind. You can conveniently find it at an 11 minute ride from Lucerne. There are several bars and cafes at the top, and a terrace to enjoy the views. Also there's a 'Dragon Path' about the myths around this mountain, and several hiking trails to viewing points. The Pilatus makes an excellent day trip from Lucerne for several reasons. One, its proximity to Lucerne and easy accessibility via two different routes: a cogwheel train from Alpnachstad and a cable car from Kriens, a suburb of Lucerne.

2. Rigi

The Rigi is mountain of the Alps, located in Central Switzerland. The ordinary dies when we talk about the Mount Rigi experience. The whole area offers many activities such as skiing or sledging in the winter, besides hiking in the summer. And with a wide range of recreational activities- from hiking, to mineral baths and spas, night bathing, fireplaces and much more, Rigi is hard to be unraveled in just a day. The hiking trails and vista points will take your breath away! For enthusiastic winter sportspersons and those fascinated by recreational snowy activities, the summit offers countless public grilling stations near the hiking trails. Located at the heart of Central Switzerland, Mount Rigi is perfectly accessible from all four points of the compass. The Rigi Kulm is served by Europe's oldest mountain railways, the Rigi Railways. You need to kick off early in the morning, since it is almost a 4-4.5 hour journey for a day trip from Lucerne.

3. Gutsch

Right above the beautiful Lucerne lies the scenic plateau of Gutsch, a beyond fantastic fairytale village of Europe. The platform’s most extenuating attraction is Chateau Gutsch, crowning the ridge of this village with pride and charm.Being very closely stationed to the main city makes Gutsch a compulsory and easily accessible day out, most frequently explored by peace-seekers. To reach Gutsch, you can catch a train from the main station, or maybe a funicular from Baselstrasse. If you are an early bird, and a fit one, try trekking your way up!

4. Glacier 3000

Perched on the south-western edge of Switzerland right between the nation’s French and German speaking area, Glacier 3000 is a breathtaking alpine heaven that boasts perpetual snow and ice throughout the year! Enjoy a superfun dog-sleigh ride ore maybe ride the Alpine Coaster (the highest bobsleigh track in the world!) while taking a break at one of the onsite restros when hunger strikes you hard. You’ll be amazed to witness as many as 24 peaks including Jungfrau, Eiger, Monch and Matterhorn from here! For a day trip from Lucerne to Glacier 3000 takes around 3-3.5 hours via train as you stare jaw-slacked at the gorgeous panoramas along.

5. Gstaad

A picturesque chalet village that welcomes hordes of celebrities and family vacationers, Gstaad is a chic holiday spot in the Bernese Oberland. Its extremely popular and short shopping mile has now gained international attention. Alpine to its core, Gstaad boasts discreet, understated luxury and authentic charm. To get to Gstaad for a day trip from Lucerne, you can either take up a train and reach the destination in a little less than 4 hours, you drive your way through in 2 hours.

6. Montreaux

The sheltered Bay of Geneva Lake circumscribes the beautiful town of Montreaux in its sprawling vineyards and a backdrop of snow-capped Alps! With an exceptionally pleasant climate, Montreaux Is a tough call to be unraveled in just a day. Visit Chateaux de Chillon and get a selfie clicked with the Freddie Mercury Statue for memoirs of this spectacular town. A boat trip down the Riviera will let you peep into the neighboring small villages of Montreaux. Montreaux is a 2h 45 min ride for a day trip from Lucerne by train. You can save time by self-driving your way up!

7. BürgenStock

A majestic mountain entirely surrounded by the sprawling Lake Lucerne, the summit of Burgenstock offers an extensive bird’s eye view from atop. A mountain in Switzerland (1,115 meters above sea-level) located partially along the shore of Lake Lucerne, the most redeeming quality of this peak amongst its competitors is that it houses Europe's tallest outdoor lift: the Hammetschwand Lift. It connects the beautiful cliff path with the vantage point, from where extensive views of Lake Lucerne and the surrounding mountains are to be had. The only lagging point is its availability; it runs mid-May - mid-October only! To reach this mountain top, you need to take the shuttle boat to Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock, followed by a Funicular that gets you right to the top! A day trip from Lucerne takes about 45 minutes of travel time.

To enjoy the place to its fullest, you need to device a map of places according to you. For the proper allocation of the nightlife, match your list with ours.