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Best Day Trips from London

London Day Trips:

The word 'London' generally brings to your mind an image of a concrete, cosmopolitan borough with the epic London Bridge standing in arrogance. But what if someone told that you can witness nature in its most crude form, in a way that is almost unparalleled, in just a few hours’ drive away from the city bustle? Sounds surprising? While visiting London, people often tend to overlook the beautiful countryside of UK, or they simply do not find the time to think beyond the offerings of a city of this magnitude! London does manage to overshadow the charm of neighbouring British towns, but it surely cannot match the level of divinity in the countryside! From the architectural wonders like the Windsor castle and Blenheim Palace, to beyond beautiful moorlands, you can witness the reasons that gave Britain its reputation for outstanding natural beauty and culture. If a trip through a quaint English village, historic locations, Royal Gardens and the panoramic views of the Cotswolds sound exciting, read along to find the best day tours from London:

Stonehenge & bath are ideal places to visit on a day tour from London
1. Stonehenge & Bath

A reversion back in time, to witness the best known prehistoric monument in Europe, Stonehenge is one wonder you just cannot afford to miss! Considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, this Neolithic marvel is neighboured by relic houses, showcasing a plethora of replica axes, pottery and other artefacts, thus giving you a peek into the ways of life in the earlier times. From there, you can go on a panoramic drive to Bath, as you find yourself lost in the major sights of Amesbury in one go, including Pulteney Bridge, The Assembly Rooms and the Royal Crescent. With an availability of several packages to go on the day tour, you can take the Big Bus from London to Stonehenge and Bath. Considering the popularity of the place, it would be advisable to make the booking beforehand. Apart from that, a road trip would be downright unmatched!

2. Windsor Castle & Oxford

Home to 39 monarchs, Windsor Castle is the oldest and the largest occupied castle in the world. Once inside, you explore the majestic State Apartments and the wide collection of works of the famous Rembrandt, Rubens and Canaletto. To experience the life of the old English blue bloods, visit the 14th Century St George’s Chapel, where tombs of ten sovereigns including ‘Henry the VIII’ rest in peace. After touring the Windsor Castle, it’s time for a stroll through one of the most famous university cities of the world. With elegant architecture and medieval charm alive by the cobbled alleyways, witness the renowned places like Bridge of Sighs, Trinity College, Ashmolean Museum and The Sheldonian Theatre. For a day tour from London, You can easily take a bus to reach Windsor Castle and Oxford within 2 hours. Besides, there are train services, with cars being an inevitable option in the beautiful countryside.

Windsor Castle one of the best places to visit from London for a day trip
Cliffs of Dover the best place for one day trip from London
3. Leeds Castle, Cliffs of Dover and Canterbury

The top 3 destinations in the southern England, this pack of a day tour is one of the most sought after ones from London. Considered as one of the loveliest castles in the world, the Leeds Castle was the private property of 6 of England's medieval queens. Still holding the charm of feminine presence and ownership, today you can witness the fascinating history of the private owner of the castle. After traversing through the castle, move on to one of the most iconic features of Britain. A source of hope and freedom for centuries, the Dover Cliffs are one of the country's most spectacular natural features. Finally, retire you day in the spectacular district of Canterbury, famous for its beautiful beach fronts and the surrounding countryside. With the British Rail being an impeccably fast and picturesque way to travel, you can explore any side of London without any hassle. Cars and buses are equally excellent and would get you from London to Canterbury in about an hour and a half.

4. Cotswold

To escape the concrete life of London, the best place to visit is the rural beauty of Cotswolds. Spend your day in Cotswold to experience of the slower life is just the thing to help relieve the stress and get digitally detoxed. This enchanting region, famous for its stone-built villages, lush pastures and old-world atmosphere provides you an unparalleled opportunity of solitude that lacks ghastly in the fast life. You can enjoy the traditional English lunch at any old Cotswolds Hotel restaurants, showcasing a stereotypical stone fireplace and oak beams. You can visit the place in a bus or train. The place is a 2 hour drive from London, so leave early to make the most of it!

Cotswold one of the best places to visit on a day trip from London

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